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4 tips on how to upgrade your call center management and the 1 thing to avoid

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date_range 06.08.2019

There are some critical areas you might want to improve in your call center management. Maybe you’re dealing with attrition and employee churn. Or you don’t get the results you were expecting and don’t know what to adjust to reach your business goals. In this blog, we show you 4 hacks to upgrade your call center management. We also tell you the one thing you should stop doing and avoid at all costs.


Clearly communicate your goals and expectations to get everyone on the same page. You can do that with regular short stand-up meetings or a simple good morning message for all your agents. A little appreciation goes a long way.


Put some fun and friendly competition in your daily business. With simple games, you can raise the motivation and fun level in your call center. Gamification at work is having a comeback. Read more about it here.


Get a handle on your data and reports. You need to have a good overview of your progress. By tracking the numbers of calls, sales made, average handling time and other important key performance indicators. Read more about those call center KPIs here.


You are most likely using multiple programs for different tasks. That’s ok. But you want to make sure to save as much effort as possible with automations and integrations. Keep the room for human error limited by connecting your tools. That way you will get more out of your data and resources.

+1 Bonus:

Working at your call center should be easy. The actual call making as in picking up the headset and start calling should not be one of your 99 problems. Avoid using user-unfriendly too complicated call center software or hardware. Make your agent’s life a little bit easier with a simple and efficient call center software.

To follow these 5 tips, try out our easy to use full suite call center software LeadDesk.

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