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How AI can help your contact center be more efficient

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date_range 25.03.2021

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. AI in the contact center industry is entering a post-hype era, where we are finally seeing real-life examples of the benefits, especially in quality assurance. 

While AI has been all the rage for the past years, it still isn’t widely used in contact center solutions. AI can, however, already have an impact today. Applications already in use include chatbots, voice-to-text transcription and analysis.

AI can take over some of the most laborious tasks

While robocalling is already used to some extent, especially in the United States, AI will not replace humans in contact centers anytime soon. In a PWC study, the majority of people responded that people are needed for great customer experiences no matter how far technology advances.

However, specialized AI can take over some tasks and steps, which are currently laborious for humans to complete. Examples include speech-to-text transcription and sentiment analysis based on the transcriptions. After transcribing the calls, AI can then compare and analyse calls for quality control measures. Perhaps agents are talking too much and not letting the customer speak, for example. Sentiment analysis can also be used to test customer response to different sales or customer service approaches.

Chatbots have become extremely popular. So popular that the term chatbot fatigue was talked about already in 2019. While chatbots can provide 24/7 customer service and help reduce costs, results on their effect on customer experience are mixed. Experts and consumers alike would agree that there is plenty of room for improvement. In a CGS study, the first word about chatbots that came to mind to the largest number of respondents was “maddening”.

AI can also help agents in their work. For example, knowledge management software can already analyse calls and messages. Based on the analysis, the agent then receives suggested answers to the questions that the customer is trying to solve. The analysis can also be used to create a data-backed self-service knowledge bank for frequently asked questions.


What are the implications for Contact Centers?

AI will be more and more useful in automating some of the most tedious tasks in contact centers. It slowly continues to become better at helping agents and managers.


Here are a few things you can already use AI for:

Managing big data and capturing data from customer interactions

    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to capture, analyse, cross-reference, and share information across platforms and channels


Identifying customer behavior and needs

    • AI can identify customer behavior and sentiment in calls. The information can be used to better understand customer interactions and optimize processes.

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