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How did Juan kick off a new market and see his Sales career skyrocket in 3 years? 

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took on a challenge that at first glance seemed scary?  

Our Key Account Manager Juan Gallego knows.  

But 3 years ago, Juan had no idea what professional and personal advantages saying “yes” to the challenge would bring him.  

Saying “yes” to an ambitious proposal 

It was just an ordinary day at the office in Juan’s previous job when he got an e-mail from LeadDesk.  

Juan read the email and he was pleasantly surprised: it was a job proposal! 

And not just any job proposal – it was a proposal to kick off sales in a new market as an Account Manager! 

That immediately got Juan excited.  

For a while Juan had been longing for a new professional challenge, something more than his sales job at the time offered. 

So, without hesitation, Juan e-mailed right back to arrange the interview. 

Juan says that he didn’t have to go any further than the job interview to become impressed.  

The idea of developing his sales career further in a SaaS technology company operating in an international environment sealed the deal for him. And so, in 2020, Juan joined LeadDesk Spain. 

In only 3 years, Juan has experienced an impressive professional growth, rocketing his sales career to a whole new level at LeadDesk.  

How Juan took on a challenge to grow a new market from zero 

When Juan joined LeadDesk, his first step was to position the brand in the new market in Spain. 

Not an easy task, even for a more experienced sales professional. 

And growing a new market from scratch was something Juan had never done before.  

Despite not having much experience, he decided to roll up his sleeves and take the challenge.  

“I am a person who gets motivated by challenges, and it was a great one to start with. The challenge that inspired me to join LeadDesk in the first place”, Juan says.  

The first weeks went flying by investigating the Spanish market, getting familiar with his new role, and creating optimal ways of working. 

But when growing a new market from zero, not everything goes smoothly.  

Luckily, Juan didn’t need to worry about being left alone when things got tricky.  

Tackling obstacles together with the multinational team  

In his first week, Juan’s number one goal was to get to know what he would be selling – the LeadDesk software. 

With his own initiative and the help of his team, Juan got familiar with the software and felt confident enough to enter a sales meeting by himself. 

And a few weeks later, there he was, already having his first face-to-face meeting with a customer.  

But not just any customer: this customer represented one of the largest Spanish contact centers. 

Juan felt that it was his time to shine.  

But then the meeting took an unexpected turn.  

It became evident that Juan’s knowledge of the software’s features was simply not enough – the customer’s questions caught him off guard.  

“I had to ask for help from my Swedish colleague who, given the unexpected situation, arrived shortly to the meeting”, Juan says.  

On top of that, Juan was having trouble with his computer’s audio. So, his colleague joined the meeting via WhatsApp.   

According to Juan, it was a situation that felt uncomfortable in that moment, but proved an important point: at LeadDesk, we always work together as a team.  

“Although it was an uncomfortable and improvised situation, together we managed to make good value proposition, positioning LeadDesk well as a new SaaS provider in Spain”, Juan explains. 

“In the most challenging cases, the alignment and the commitment of the whole team to solve the problem is remarkable”, Juan adds.  

After taking the step into the unknown, Juan has experienced remarkable growth at LeadDesk 

Fast forward to this day. Juan manages his own customer portfolio as a Key Account Manager and acts as a backup person when the country manager is out of the office.  

Juan has certainly proved his potential and capabilities; his remarkable career growth has seen him move from Account Manager to Key Account Manager in just three years. 

This is particularly impressive when considering that all this happened during the worst years of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses were failing, and new projects were put on hold. 

Taking on the responsibility of starting a customer portfolio from zero and ambitious sales targets during such trying times didn’t scare Juan off. Quite the opposite.  

I believe that determination and hard work always pay off in the end. For me it was a great transition and satisfaction to see the business flourish. I focused on my goals and strongly believed that, sooner or later, it will work out,” Juan explains. “And luckily it did.”  

Juan discovered that he really wanted to grow professionally and develop as a salesperson, and LeadDesk has been able to offer him opportunities to do so. 

3 key lessons Juan has learned during his LeadDesk journey so far  

Juan has certainly had an impressive learning curve at LeadDesk.  

Moving up so fast from Account Manager to Key Account Manager during a global pandemic is quite exceptional. But this kind of career development is not uncommon at LeadDesk.  

Here are 3 key lessons Juan has learned during his LeadDesk journey:  

#1 Every goal matters – big or small 

“No matter how small the goal, I want to achieve it. Personally, I like to chase even bigger goals, day after day”, Juan says smiling.  

#2 Close relationships with the customers are the key  

“My main goal is that my customers feel part of our company. I’m dedicated to my clients, and that’s where my passion for building close and deep relationships with them comes from”, Juan explains.  

#3 Clear goals and an ambitious spirit are a great combination in Sales  

“I think having clear goals and the determination to achieve them are two fundamental pillars that have gotten me where I am today at LeadDesk”, Juan summarises. 

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