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SpareBank 1 renews the agreement with LeadDesk for four new years!

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date_range 03.12.2020

LeadDesk is proud and pleased to announce that SpareBank 1, on December 1st, has entered into an agreement on further cooperation for four new years.

“This is a declaration of trust we greatly appreciate, and we humbly accept the responsibility that is placed on us. I am proud of the efforts my colleagues make to deliver stable and good solutions to our customers. It is their unique expertise and personal dialogue with the customer, that is the most important reason why we retain customers year after year. We look forward to continuing the good relationship we have with SpareBank 1 and we have big plans for further development of the delivery together” – Silje Abrahamsen, Director in Enterprise sales Norway at LeadDesk

A long-standing partnership

SpareBank 1 has been a customer of Loxysoft (that is now LeadDesk) since 2002. The collaboration started with the delivery of phone banking and from 2010 a multi-channel contact center as well. Over the last ten years, the scope of delivery has increased with several banks and agents, and new integrations, customization and WFM solutions has been delivered. SpareBank 1 uses LeadDesk’s contact center solution ICC (Inbund Contact Center) with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration module and ProScheduler work force management.

SpareBank 1 Utvikling DA is the agreement party, while the regional banks SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, SpareBank 1 SMN, SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, SpareBank 1 Østlandet and SpareBank 1 Kundesenter are the recipients of the delivery from LeadDesk.

The agreement has a total value of MNOK 15 over four years.

The future is bright

It is especially nice to share this in a week where Loxysoft announced their incorporation into LeadDesk, and the new market position this entails. The news was released on November 30th, during the very last phase of the negotiation process.

“The fact that SpareBank 1 also sees this as an advantage and has confidence in the merger and the new company structure, is an important confirmation for us. We have a lot to look forward to and the future looks bright for us and our customers!” – Silje Abrahamsen.

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