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You don't need to do everything by yourself.

Focus on what’s critical and let advanced AI take a load off your mind.

LeadDesk’s dedicated AI team is pushing the latest technologies to their limits and beyond.

Discover our latest AI solutions to help you serve customers more efficiently, with excellence.

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How LeadDesk AI's new features improve contact center technology

Agents are experts on their first day

Stop searching through knowledge bases and jumping into unnecessary calls for quick questions.

LeadDesk’s powerful Agent Assistant detects customer questions and needs in Live Chat and suggests the best possible answers to agents.

Already typed, of course.

Chat on the phone without talking

LeadDesk AI Chatbots already deflect frequent questions on your website, reducing Live Chat workloads by 60-85%.

Deflect common issues on your voice channels with advanced AI voice recognition and response chatbots.

Talk to customers in their language

Frequent customer issues are usually the same in every language, but why should you have to build a new chatbot for the same answers in every language?

Let AI help you say “have you tried turning it off and on again” in 32 languages.

Say hello goodbye to awkward, unclear customer comms

Imagine having a proofreader beside every customer service agent, helping them craft great responses to customers every time.

We’ve built a button for that.

The LeadDesk AI team is building tools to make customer service faster, more efficient, and effortless.

Our ongoing AI projects use an array of language models and AI engines to build solutions specifically for contact centers. These projects are tested out at first to ensure they positively impact contact center operations, and improve agent experience and effectiveness.

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