Agile Contact Center

Increasing flexibility in contact centers with a cloud-based omnichannel CCaaS solution.

Cloud Contact Center Software
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Today’s contact centers need a solution that enables team leaders and managers to customise their customer service system quickly in response to changes in the business environment. This is where cloud-based omnichannel CCaaS solutions, such as the LeadDesk customer service software, come into play.

What is an agile contact center?

An agile contact center refers to a customer service organization capable of quickly responding to changing needs. In practice, flexible customer service solutions are needed to answer to evolving situations and to modify the parameters of the contact center operations.

These include customer service in various channels such as calls, email, SMS, live chat, chatbots, and social media. It also has advanced finetuning of the customer service system, enabling team leaders to customise their reports, contacts, routing, etc. Flexibility and customisability are vital in creating a high-performing contact center that can provide superior customer service.

Contact Center as a Service for agile contact centers

Organisations are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions to increase their agility. An omnichannel solution offers contact centers the flexibility and scalability to provide pleasing customer service.

A good cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution will have the ability to introduce new communication channels, modify queue parameters, and set up support functions. Flexibility also means scalability and service elasticity – the organisation can, for example, onboard new agents quickly.

In practice, an agile customer service team creates and modifies various pieces of the customer service environment to create a complete and working puzzle for multiple types of customer needs.

How LeadDesk improves agile contact centers

LeadDesk’s omnichannel system has a powerful admin user interface. In the admin UI, team leaders can easily create and manage contacts, users, campaigns, queues, products, reporting and more.

The solution helps route calls to the right agents by matching them with callers with the help of a flexible, customisable IVR. It also allows team leaders to customise their queues to match customers with the right agent. Messages from all channels can be combined into the same queue so the same agent can handle the customer.

The customer service system contains customisable features to boost the performance of your team. It offers pre-built reports and the ability to build customised reports, filtering by campaigns, offices, products, etc.

The dashboards are also easily tailored with a comprehensive set of pre-defined widgets and real-time statistics. The system allows agents to create shortcuts, besides the helpful pre-defined short keys.

The system is suitable to businesses of all sizes. Licenses can be activated and de-activated as needed, so you can adjust to changing situations fast.

How are agile contact centers using LeadDesk?

The Finnish cinema theatre operator Finnkino needed an AI chatbot that works with their live chat solution Ninchat and quickly answered various questions. Their new LeadDesk chatbot started working just as the covid-19 pandemic hit. The chatbot implementation went very smoothly. With the help of it, Finnkino was able to change its customer service approach fast during the pandemic and was able to serve customers effectively.