An interview with Jan Kåre Sumstad
National Head of Sales TM

We got a moment with Jan Kåre Sumstad, National Head of Sales Telemarketing, from Fjordkraft to hear about how they have managed to maintain activity levels the past months. Hint: Structure, communication and routines are crucial throughout the company.

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Facts about Fjordkraft:

  • One of the largest energy companies in Norway, and the biggest mobile carrier, without their own network in Norway.
  • Fjordkraft’s HQ is in Bergen with regional offices in Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger, Sandefjord and in Sortland.
  • The customer service in Fjordkraft is renowned and have won 5 awards since 2014.

Short about Fjordkraft:

A: Fjordkraft is one of the largest energy providers in Norway, both for companies and private individuals, that are thriving to always keep up with the development in the market, as well as looking ahead.

As a big electricity and mobile –provider, Fjordkraft are always doing their best to be able to have a product available for everyone in the family.

We are working a lot with technology nowadays. Both with being in the front within solar technology and charging for electrical cars, as well as we have our own app (The Fjordkraft – app), which we are trying to improve all the time.

In conclusion, I would like to say that climate and sustainability are something that we highly value and focus on in Fjordkraft. In 2018 Fjordkraft received an award from the UN for our Klimanjaro – project, where we demand that all our providers are climate neutral.

How is the day-to-day business in Fjordkraft:

A: It is high tempo and exciting, well prepared, and always on the search to be able to give the best product possible for our customers.

There are always lots of things to do, but we are working a lot on structure and are making sure we have good communications. Both within the leadership, within the different teams, and between the teams and departments.

How has this recent period affected your way of working (sales-wise)?

A: Our telemarketing team have managed to maintain the activity levels as we had before the pandemic hit the society. Field sales have been put on hold during this period.

Regarding that, we understood that we needed to change our way of working rapidly.

LeadDesk helped when we needed it, and we are grateful for that. I believe it only took us one day to move the entire field sales team over to telemarketing, which has been important for us internally and to our external partners.

Do you have any tricks/tips on how to work from home?

A: The most important is to have good routines. Use your regular work clothes, rather than sitting in your sweatpants or boxer shorts. Keep everything as «normal» as possible.

Make sure to have regular meetings with your managers and peers. Try to separate work and private life as good as possible, both during the week and the weekends.

Would you recommend LeadDesk to others? If yes, why?

A: Yes, of course, I would recommend LeadDesk to others. I can really endorse to work. LeadDesk is doing and can recommend it to others. The service level is very good, they always answer when I reach out to them and the software itself is just super.

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