Call center manager job description – Consider these 5 qualities when hiring

Call center managers create the work environment that allows your agents to shine. Read our blog to learn what to look for in a manager.

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Call center managers create the circumstances that allow agents to shine. Read our tips on how to draft the perfect job descriptions for attracting the best call center manager talent. 

In our previous blog about call center agents’ job description, we described agents as the backbone of a call center. Most call centers also need call center managers to plan campaigns and develop processes that give your agents the best chance to succeed.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss the qualities to focus on when recruiting call center managers. You can use the material to support you in drafting job ads and evaluating candidates. 

Recently the “Great Resignation” has sparked a global discussion about the role of work in people’s lives. While the debate revolves mostly around low-wage jobs, middle-class workers, such as managers, are also actively evaluating their prospects about work-life balance and meaning. The environment has become challenging for recruiters.  

Effectively communicating what your business can offer to potential managers can make a real difference in attracting the best candidates. 

Why are call center managers crucial for a successful operation? 

Usually call center managers spend most of their time working in the background ensuring that the call center operation is organised in an optimal way. A call center manager’s job description often also includes working hands on supervising agents or team leaders.  

Call center managers have a unique perspective – they see the big picture and the daily routines. A quality call center manager is key in ensuring that your operation runs according to strategy, your agents stay motivated agents and your KPIs are met. 

With agents, call center managers: 

  • coach and motivate agents to improve their performance and progress 
  • provide feedback on the overall and individual performance of the call center and its agents 
  • assist call center agents in their daily tasks and in de-escalating challenging cases 
  • oversee the implementation of call center strategies so that all agents know their role and goals. 


A large share of call center managers’ time is spent on planning strategy. On the strategic and organisational side, call center managers: 

  • interview and hire potential call center agents  
  • collect and analyse performance data to optimise their operation 
  • create routine reports about KPIs to the management 
  • conduct customer surveys to ensure quality control 
  • schedule work shifts 
  • manage budgets and expenses for optimal performance 
  • identify emerging trends.  


Depending on the size of the contact center, call center team leaders might be responsible for some of the hands-on tasks, leaving call center managers to focus more on the organisation of the whole operation.  

Top 5 qualities for a call center manager in customer service and sales 

A call center manager’s job description includes both hands-on work providing feedback on the agents’ performance and strategic work organising the whole call center operation. This requires a versatile skill set.  

To do well in a call center manager’s job, the candidate should have: 

Analytical mindset with results orientation: Call centers are driven by metrics and the goals are often high. Managers should be motivated by setting targets and organising the operation so that the targets are hit.  

People skills: As a call center manager, you constantly interpret, mediate and communicate the needs of both the agents and the management. The manager should be able to be transparent about why the operation is run the way it is. When everyone understands each other’s needs, it’s easier for everyone to stay motivated. 

Technological expertise: Call centers are increasingly tech-driven. Call center managers should ideally identify relevant technology trends to stay ahead in the competitive industry. 

Knowledge of offering:  Call center managers need to know their campaigns and clients inside out. This way they can organise the operation optimally and ensure that each team member knows the campaigns and is able to give their best. 

Calmness and prioritisation: Call center managers are often responsible for de-escalating complex situations. The better they organise their operation, the less they have to put out fires. However, it’s inevitable that managers are occasionally under a lot of pressure. Staying calm and being able to prioritise are thus vital skills for the job. 

Where should you post call center agent job ads? 

To maximise the visibility of your call center manager job ad, consider both international and local job sites.  

You can find international candidates for remote call center jobs in global services, such as Indeed, Monster or Workable. You should also try to find local talent through regional channels that are popular in the area you are hiring for. 

These days also social media is a huge channel for recruitment. LinkedIn and other job-related platforms are definitely worth including in your recruitment process. Post a job template in your official social media channels that your employees can share on their own accounts.  

For a more visual approach, you could try Instagram stories or TikTok to attract younger talent. 

Every call center has its own dream manager 

The qualities listed in this blog are good guidelines and approximations that support you in drafting effective call center manager job ads. You are, however, the expert of your own call center and know the special skills that your managers can’t do without. You should always emphasise the qualities that work for you. 

It’s also good to keep in mind that today’s recruitment is not all about your needs. To attract the best talent, you need to offer candidates something else besides a job.  

The work culture you create in your call center might be one of the most important factors that govern what kind of people want to work for you. If you get the balance between your demands and what you can offer right, you also start to attract the kind of candidates that make your agents shine.