Yücel -
Key Account Manager

A sales star, who jumped on the opportunity to join a market leading SaaS company and grew to become the #1 Salesperson of 2018.

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A sales star, who jumped on the opportunity to join a market leading SaaS company and grew to become the #1 Salesperson of 2018.

Hi Yücel, could you tell about your background before joining LeadDesk?

Before joining LeadDesk I worked in a big media company as Affiliate Partner Manager and Project manager, founded and worked for my own company and after that, I worked for about a year as a Sales Manager with legal services.

Why did you choose to join LeadDesk?

I got interested in the sales position at LeadDesk because I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to work in a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. The LeadDesk culture where we work together to make customers succeed also intrigued me.

What have you enjoyed the most during your time at LeadDesk?

During my time at LeadDesk, I have learned a lot about different companies from various industries like call-centers and media companies and I have been working with both big and small clients. Due to this, I have learned a lot about how to adjust how you work, talk and sell to different companies. Working with such a variety of companies has been one of the things I have enjoyed the most during my time at LeadDesk.

Furthermore, I have enjoyed being able to work with a market leading SaaS product and therefore, also the possibility to work with very big customers. I have also appreciated the possibility to work in an international environment and a “professional startup”. With that, I mean a company with a startup-mindset where your ideas are listened to and you get to take a lot of responsibility, but at the same time things are already established and there is the security of a listed company. In addition I have enjoyed flexible working hours and a culture where you work together to reach targets, always get help from your colleagues and decisions are made together.

How has LeadDesk helped you to grow and take your next step in your career?

I have been able to deliver excellent results during my last year at LeadDesk and it has been a very steep learning curve for me. This has been great both for me in terms of both learning and money-wise due to an increase in sales commissions. In the kick-off 2019, I was also rewarded as the best salesperson for the year 2018 due to that the Vice President of sales wanted to reward me for being such a great asset for the whole company. Due to my experience and what I have learned at LeadDesk, I have now gotten a great opportunity to work in a business development role in another company. This made me do the tough decision to leave LeadDesk and my much-appreciated co-workers, to take the next step in my career.

From the company side, we will miss Yücel but are at the same happy to have been able to support his career journey so far and being part of enabling him to take the next step on his career!