Making modern CCaaS available for more organizations with a channel partner program and ecosystems 

See how partnerships and ecosystems can help you adopt a modern CCaaS system.

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Customer service teams are needed in pretty much every country in the world. Unfortunately, leading CCaaS systems do not have local sales and customer service in every market. One way to adopt a leading system is through a local partner. They can help your customer service team adopt a CCaaS system that is perfect for your operation but doesn’t have a presence in your market. Another option is to try out the system through an existing ecosystem.  

Why are partner networks and ecosystems important for CCaaS system buyers?

While today’s CCaaS providers typically offer their services across many markets, it is hard for most vendors to spread themselves globally. That is one reason why historically, there have been numerous small local systems competing with the larger vendors.  

Often there’s no substitute for local presence – help is available instantly in your own language. With the help of a channel partner program, CCaaS systems can be offered to more markets helping more customers get their hands on a modern system.

CCaaS system buyers benefit from partners’ familiarity with local regulations.  The partners are often able to provide implementation and customer service in the local language, which simplifies system use.

Partnerships can also take another form. Many software vendors have built an ecosystem around their main product allowing others to build apps on their ecosystem.  

Ecosystems not only extend the features of the CCaaS systems, but they can help customers adopt some of the key features of a CCaaS system to their existing software. Popular CRM and ticketing systems, for example, have their own marketplaces. CCaaS system providers can take an actively role in developing apps that, for example, extend and improve the telephony capabilities of CRM systems. 

If you are considering the benefits of switching to a modern CCaaS system, trying one of the apps can be a great way to evaluate the system’s value to your customer service team.

LeadDesk’s partner networks and ecosystems

We currently have teams serving the Nordics, Netherlands, DACH, France, Spain, and Portugal. If you are in some other country but are curious about LeadDesk’s CCaaS system, get in touch. Our partners can possibly help you try out and implement the solution on our behalf. 

For example, Managed ICT Services Provider CrossPoint Technology Solutions is delivering LeadDesk’s CCaaS solution to a global enterprise customer. More than 1,500 agents will eventually use the system in, among others, Singapore, and Australia. Learn more about the project.

Are you using Salesforce as your CRM or Zendesk as your ticketing system? Then you might benefit from trying out the LeadDesk Talk app available at Salesforce AppExchange and Zendesk Marketplace. The app gives you a reliable voice and SMS channel. It improves customer experience by helping agents and customers make high-audio-quality calls.  

Building and extending our ecosystems and partnerships is one of our short-term strategic development areas.  

Get in touch with our sales if you are interested in learning more about the system, hearing about our current partners or wish to become a partner.