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Using Cloud-Based Omnichannel Solutions to Promote a Stronger Customer Experience

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To provide superior customer service, businesses need a highly integrated solution. Superior customer service results from a well-oiled omnichannel customer service solution that combines omnichannel customer service and workforce engagement management. This ensures seamless transitions between channels for both customers and agents.

What is a customer engagement center?

A customer engagement center is a contact center that has merged various software platforms tightly to provide a more robust customer experience. In practice, this means combining customer service and workforce engagement management software.

The overall goal of a customer engagement cneter is a better customer and employee experience.

What are the main challenges of operating a customer engagement center?

The challenge for CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) providers is to present a solution that works seamlessly in all aspects of a contact center environment.

For smoothly runing operations, a customer engagement center needs a cloud-based omnichannel system with available integrations, applications, and customisation – typically offered by the CCaaS provider. The information flow from, for example, the customer service system to the CRM system needs to be integrated and thus, effortless.

A customer engagement center needs to maintain customers’ context as they move between channels. For example, agents should quickly get an idea of all previous conversations and customer history. A scalable, integrable omnichannel solution helps achieve these goals.

LeadDesk enables a seamless customer engagement center

LeadDesk’s cloud-based omnichannel solution is scalable and easy to use. It can be merged with a wide range of functions. Typical integrations include CRM, data handling, and workforce engagement management. These integrations make the customer and employee experience effortless. They reduce information gaps and help the agents work faster.

The integrated workforce management software is effective and easily scalable. It works as a shared system for team leaders and agents, leading to less hassle and more effective functions.

The workforce management software contains powerful reporting tools, which saves considerable admin time. The employee experience is enhanced by agents getting to control their schedules through the system. The workforce management software’s deployment and onboarding are fast and easy.

Developer resources include APIs to facilitate data management, automate workflows, and build LeadApps. LeadApps are applications that integrate with LeadDesk. You can also create custom contact cards and widgets. This makes the software flexible to use and can be tailored to fit well with all kinds of contact centers.

The LeadML, on the other hand, is LeadDesk’s own CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) platform for controlling call and message flows. The high level of customisation allows customer engagement centers to improve their efficiency constantly.

The solution is a modern, supreme-quality system that offers a pleasant user experience for customers, agents and team leaders. It comes with the ability for modern integrations and thus provides a seamlessly working customer engagement center.

How other companies are using LeadDesk

JC Phoner uses LeadDesk to standardize its processes and the output from calls. Their system is highly integrated, including the Meeting calendar LeadApp for scheduling, various templates, and LeadDesk’s ready-made custom reports for the performance level. Using LeadDesk has eased the company’s workflow and saved them considerable time.