Omnichannel software vs. ticketing system โ€“ Is your customer service stuck in the past?

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date_range 10.09.2022

In recent years, customer service has shifted from case-oriented ticketing and telephone systems to holistic customer relationships. This shift favors customer service software that can handle multiple channels. But is there still room for an old-school ticketing system?


What are the benefits of omnichannel software vs a ticketing system?

The times when people contacted customer service using one channel are long gone. Studies show that the majority of people make contact using at least three channels. If the only option you offer is for the customer to send an email and assigning them a ticket, you are most likely missing out on your opportunity to delight your customers.

Modern customer service software, such as LeadDesk, offer a holistic customer experience with better agent efficiency. Let’s go through some key benefits of changing to an omnichannel software.

Uniform interface provides accurate overview

To enable a smooth agent and customer experience, an omnichannel customer service solution should offer easy access to information about the customer and the status of the contact center as a whole.

When using a ticketing system, agents are constantly forced to switch between different systems to get the necessary information. A quality omnichannel software provides an easy-to-use interface that allows agents to get a good overview of everything relevant with just a glimpse.

Channel independence makes agents more effective and motivated

Whereas ticketing is often limited to one channel, agents equipped with an omnichannel software can use their expertise to decide which channel most effectively solves the customers’ problems. The freedom to govern their own work also motivates your agents, which is bound to show in their customer service quality.

Personalized service improves customer satisfaction

Your customers want you to be easy to reach, empathetic and flexible. Some people are happy to wait for automatic ticketing responses, but the majority need more presence and human touch to remain satisfied. To achieve this, you need to be able to serve the customers in the channel of their choosing.

With an omnichannel contact center software, the focus turns from tickets to genuine dialogue between a customer and an agent. Two-sided communication enables the customers and the company to have a successful relationship where both parties get added value. The customers get themselves better service, while the company has the opportunity for upselling and better customer satisfaction.

Complete customer history smoothens interaction

Isolated ticketing systems are often case-centric. Along with case-specific information, top-quality customer service requires a larger context. When your agents know the customers’ service history and tier, they can serve them more efficiently. Agents can delight your customers by proactively offering solutions that reduce repetition and improve customer satisfaction.

Quality reports offer strategic insight

With an omnichannel software, you get more holistic insight into your operation. By collecting data from all channels in use and integrating that data into your CRM, you’re on your way to making your customer service a considerable sales tool. Accurate reports also support you in the optimization of your operation and the fine-tuning of your business strategy.


Don’t write ticketing systems off just yet

It would be easy to dismiss ticketing systems as rigid relics of yesterday. There are, however, still moments where a ticketing system can prove efficient.

Ticketing enables easy transfers for complex cases

Most customer service cases are standard and can be handled during the initial contact by an agent using an omnichannel software. Basic procedures, such as checking that bills have been paid on time or if there are disturbances in the area, don’t benefit from tickets.

Some cases, however, are complex and require specific expertise. In cases such as demanding technical or B2B support situations, the agent can assign a ticket to a specialist with the most knowledge of the area.

Building a smooth flow from easy customer service cases all the way to the most challenging technical support cases makes your customer service operation more efficient.

Combining ticketing and omnichannel offers the best of both worlds

Luckily omnichannel software and ticketing systems are not mutually exclusive. A modern contact center requires a cloud-based omnichannel software to meet the demands of customers, but many software also enable the integration of an efficient ticketing system.

We at LeadDesk have concentrated on developing a cutting-edge omnichannel solution that delights your customers, while also offering SuperOffice integration for ticketing needs. You can try LeadDesk for free