NIS2 Directive

The NIS2 Directive enhances EU cybersecurity with stricter requirements, expanded sector coverage, and mandatory incident reporting. LeadDesk complies with NIS2, offering improved data security, compliance assurance, and proactive risk management. To align with NIS2, businesses should conduct security audits, update policies, and invest in training.

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What is NIS2 Directive?

The NIS2 Directive (Network and Information Systems Directive 2) is a new EU regulation aimed at enhancing cybersecurity across the European Union. This directive introduces stricter security requirements, mandatory incident reporting, and applies to more sectors than its predecessor. The main goals of NIS2 are to improve preparedness against cyber threats, minimize the economic impact of cyber incidents, and ensure a secure digital infrastructure. It affects medium and large enterprises across various sectors, including energy, transport, health, and digital infrastructure​


Why NIS2 Directive matters to you

Expanded scope & stronger defense: NIS2 now covers more sectors and companies, ensuring robust cybersecurity measures are in place across critical industries. It mandates stronger security protocols and regular audits to bolster defenses against cyber threats.

Cost savings, expanded reporting & transparency: It reduces the financial impact of cyber incidents and mandates prompt breach reporting to avoid penalties, emphasizing transparency.

Vendor & management accountability: Ensures vendors comply with NIS2, securing your supply chain, and holds top management accountable for cybersecurity involvement.

Harmonized requirements: NIS2 aims to standardize cybersecurity practices across the EU, simplifying compliance for businesses operating in multiple countries​


How LeadDesk is leading the way and what it means for you

At LeadDesk, we take your security seriously. We are proud to already comply with NIS2 regulations. Our upgraded security infrastructure, regular risk assessments, and robust incident response plans ensure we provide reliable and secure services.

Your security is our priority. By aligning with NIS2 directives, we ensure that our services remain reliable and secure. Here’s how you benefit:

Improved data security: Enhanced protection of your data and communications.

Compliance assurance: Peace of mind knowing that you are working with a compliant and secure service provider.

Proactive risk management: Reduced risk of cyber threats affecting your operations.


Steps to ensure your compliance

We encourage you to review your own compliance with NIS2. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Conduct a security audit: Assess your current cybersecurity measures against NIS2 requirements.
  2. Update security policies: Ensure your security policies and protocols are aligned with the directive.
  3. Invest in training: Educate your team on the importance of cybersecurity and the specifics of NIS2.
  4. Stay informed and engage with industry experts: Keep abreast of the latest updates and guidance from cybersecurity and industry experts regarding NIS2 compliance.