Global Contact Center - An Omnichannel CCaaS Solution Allows Worldwide Service

See how LeadDesk’s cloud-based solution enables the function of a global contact center.

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Organisations with a global customer base benefit from organising their various customer service teams into a well-connected global contact center. Businesses need a flexible, adaptable system that can be scaled up and down depending on the needs of various markets. Customisability and data center strength are key to operating a high-performing global contact center.

What is a global contact center?

Global contact centers are customer service centers that can respond to international and local customer service demands in a global setting.

In many multinational companies, customer service teams have been built individually. Each team might be organised differently and use different technologies – some on-premises and others cloud solutions.

A high-performing, unified global contact center that aligns teams from different countries, should use a single CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform for all its needs.

The challenges of a global contact center

The challenges global contact centers face mostly concern scalability and elasticity. A global contact center operates on a large and small scale at the same time. It needs to provide service with a local touch while guaranteeing the same service level all around the world. It must adapt quickly to changing situations and be flexible in all directions.

A global contact center’s data center architecture must be resilient and powerful to accommodate the needs of multinational organisations, with up to thousands of agents.

These needs and challenges are best met and overcome with the help of a scalable cloud-based CCaaS solution that is equipped to deal with a variety of business models and nationalities.

A functioning global contact center with LeadDesk

LeadDesk provides a state-of-the-art solution that can to offer customer service in several channels. The system can be customised to the most detailed level and has advanced reporting capabilities to keep you up-to-date on your global operations. These features enable local flavour with global performance optimisation, giving you the best of both worlds.

The software offers advanced, multichannel routing: messages can be combined and directed to the agent handling the customer, and callers can be matched to the agent with the right skill set for their business. This creates efficiency and is a real asset to agents and customers.

Real-time monitoring and reporting are also available to help team leaders and agents continuously improve their performance.

The software comes with an advanced API that allows a host of customisations and integrations. Businesses can easily scale their operations up and down.

Customisable call/message queues and contact management are also essential for an effective operation. Both customisable and pre-built reports are available in the solution. A significant advantage is that you can also save and access favorite reports without starting everything from scratch each time.

For EU customers, all data is stored locally and is not handled outside the EU. LeadDesk is also compliant and up to date with local regulations in each market. Customers will not have to worry about data security.

The data center architecture is extremely solid. Agents use the LeadDesk platform to handle over 500 million calls each year with a 99,95% uptime. ISO27001 and SOC2 certifications guarantee that cyber security, architecture and system maintenance meet the need of the most demanding enterprise-level requirements.

LeadDesk’s channel partners include IT powerhouse CrossPoint Technology Solutions, delivering a customer service solution to a global enterprise. Thousands of agents use the solution successfully.

How other companies are using LeadDesk

Salezure is a telemarketing company operating in four countries and looking to expand to 14 more. With LeadDesk, Salezure has been able to scale its operation smoothly. Easy integrations and having their whole operation in one system have enabled this.

As a cloud-based and scalable system, LeadDesk simplified the launch of new offices and sped up Salezure’s growth. Using LeadDesk in the local language has also made training new agents more efficient and facilitated growth.

Dietary supplement company Vitamail operates in the Nordic countries. The flexibility and easiness of the LeadDesk solution have convinced Vitamail. With hundreds of thousands of customers across the Nordics and sales in various channels, Vitamail has been able to smoothly navigate the challenges of a multinational sales organisation with the help of LeadDesk.