Telephony-Centric Offer as a Critical Capability in CCaaS

See how a high-quality CCaaS solution helps achieve call center efficiency.

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Even though new customer service channels, ranging from emails to Twitter DM’s, have taken a firm foothold in the omnichannel world, telephone calls have not disappeared anywhere.

Many customers still prefer calling as a synchronous communication channel, especially in urgent or complex service needs. It’s often easier to explain and troubleshoot issues when you have a direct line of communication.

As calls are an integral part of customer service in years to come, Contact Center as a Service providers must offer a high-quality solution for handling calls.

What is a telephony-centric offer in CCaaS?

A customer service center with a telephony-centric offer has the ability to provide a scalable, solid telephony-centric service with a telephony-centric license structure. For a smoothly functioning customer service, organisations need a high-quality telecom system. In practice, the key features to look for are a solid call infrastructure that prevents dropped calls and high-quality audio.

A CCaaS solution can provide a robust telephone infrastructure and a straightforward user interface that simplifies operations and makes contact center work efficient.

How does a good CCaaS solution enable telephony-centric operations?

A CCaaS solution must provide highly efficient functions to answer the customer service centers’ needs. In this case, the ability to manage large volumes of telephone calls is crucial. The quality of the calls must also remain high even when the system is stressed with hundreds or thousands of calls.

In the best scenario, the CCaaS provider has a telecom license and can offer competitive prices for their clients. This is because the CCaaS provider can negotiate volume discounts with telephone operators, as such a large number of calls go through the CCaaS system.

LeadDesk meets telephony-centric offer needs perfectly

Instead of being an afterthought, telephone calls are essential to the LeadDesk CCaaS solution.

The solution makes it easy to manage calls and contacts thanks to a customisable IVR. You can easily build queues and distribute calls with a highly flexible and customisable system that has an intuitive user interface. This makes navigating the system effortless while simultaneously making or receiving a high number of calls quickly.

The solution has numerous valuable features for meeting your telephony-centric needs, such as several dialer modes, customisable reporting, integration possibilities, and superb audio quality. The solution also provides a callback service, ensuring that customers will know they will be called back soon should agents be unable to answer at the first call. With the help of these features, the solution provides you with smooth telephone operations even in demanding conditions.

500 million calls handled each year

The solution’s telephone architecture is solid. The call platform provides excellent audio quality and calls that don’t cut off. It is currently handling more than 500 million calls a year. You can trust that the system handles your call volume well without compromising quality.

You can buy your calls from LeadDesk for a competitive price. This means having no expensive third parties involved in your call operations. You will get the full service from the same provider for a reasonable price.

How other companies are using LeadDesk

With the help of LeadDesk, the telemarketing company Prime Sales has grown 3000% in revenue in seven years. The solution’s easy-to-use interface makes their operations more effective and provides agents the opportunity to reach their full sales potential.

4DMC is a contact center focusing on financial support for charity foundations.

They frequently handle a massive number of calls simultaneously. After experiencing problems with their previous system, they switched to LeadDesk. 4DMC has been very satisfied with LeadDesk’s stability and reliability. With LeadDesk, everything in their operations has worked.