Digital Customer Service Center – How a cloud-based omnichannel CCaaS solution enables efficient digital customer service

See how digital customer service benefits from a cloud-based omnichannel Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

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Today’s customers expect to reach customer service using their preferred digital channels. Customer service teams need modern omnichannel software to meet these expectations.

Businesses that provide a digital omnichannel customer service experience have the advantage over their competitors. LeadDesk offers an efficient system that gives agents the possibility of conversing with customers in all channels. This leads to more profound digital engagement and more satisfied customers.

What is a digital customer service center?

A digital customer service center extends the customer service team’s traditional touchpoints to various digital channels. It provides customers with the opportunity to get in touch with a company through their preferred channels.

The customer service industry needs efficient omnichannel systems. Customers have grown used to using an assortment of digital channels and expect businesses to follow suit. Today’s customers want to get efficient, personalised customer service instead of having to queue to get addressed. In order to offer satisfying service, businesses need digital channels.

Digital customer service centers offer their customers various communication choices. Besides the traditional calls, emails and SMSs, these include real-time messaging such as live chats, chatbots, and video chatting, as well as other messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, which do not require live attendance.

Contact Center as a Service for digital customer service centers

CCaaS providers such as LeadDesk offer a system that supports digital customer service across channels. The challenge for digital customer service has been the siloing of channels in a multichannel environment.

In the long run, these siloes are impossible to handle effectively. Agents might not always notice when a customer has sent messages in two different channels, which leads to inefficient service. Thus, an omnichannel customer service system is needed to provide the same excellent service at every touchpoint. An omnichannel system combines the channels giving agents access to all customer history in all of them.

An efficient CCaaS solution for digital customer service should encompass a range of channels and enable integration across them all. A solution like this helps businesses answer the growing need for effective omnichannel customer service.

How LeadDesk improves digital customer service centers

LeadDesk’s high-quality digital customer service software allows agents to converse with customers in all channels, natively merged into the system. The LeadDesk omnichannel solution supports all major customer service channels. This makes it easy to offer satisfying service to any customer contacting you, as the customers can choose the channel they feel the most comfortable with.

The software gathers the entire client communication history together in a clear view, making the employee experience effortless. Agents can quickly get an idea of past conversations from all channels

As all the channels are handled from the same view, you’ll always have the perfect agent allocation between the channels. The user interface is easy to learn and fast to use. Improving the employee experience with a pleasant UI keeps agents’ attitudes positive and facilitates efficient customer service.

Customisation tools and ease of administration are also essential to a pleasant experience for team-leaders. Real-time monitoring and helps them stay on track with the most important KPIs of the operation.

Advanced routing tools enhance agent and customer experience. Customers will get prompt service from an agent with the right skillset to help them.

A scalable customer service system makes it easy to continue providing high-quality service when the business grows. Working from home, at the office, and while travelling is no problem with a cloud-based solution. Customers can be handled in any situation.

Various licensing options, as well as customisable solutions, make it easy for businesses to onboard, use and scale their customer service solution. A cost-efficient option that is scalable to the needs of all types of companies benefits your business in terms of efficiency, effortlessness, and customer experience. The system also helps you stay compliant with the local legislation in each market.

How are other digital customer service centers using LeadDesk?

Edenred found what they were looking for during the COVID-19 lockdown by getting the LeadDesk omnichannel solution for their inbound sales. They had previously used a traditional contact center software which was inflexible and did not function well for remote work. Agents work more efficiently and provide better service to customers.

Finnkino realized that while in-theatre experience is key to their success, it’s essential to optimise service across all channels.

The LeadDesk AI chatbot helped Finnkino’s customer service agents to work on more complex tasks, with human agents dealing with 62% fewer conversations. The chatbot also shortened the average live chat queue by 65%.

This all increased the company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.