Customer Experience as a Critical Capability in CCaaS

An efficient CCaaS system is a key resource in providing a great customer experience.

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It is essential to provide a satisfying customer experience in today’s ultra-competitive world. Businesses that excel in catering to their customers in modern and efficient ways have the edge against their competitors. A flexible CCaaS system is a key resource in providing a great customer experience.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is an aggregation of the customer’s perceptions and feelings that result from an interaction with a business’s employees, services and products. Their experience with the product or service they bought, and how they feel like they have been treated by the company determines their customer experience. Customer service is at the core of customer experience as customers usually turn to customer service when they can’t resolve a question themselves.

A good customer experience in customer service is achieved when the customer feels like their problem is solved efficiently and the supplier’s agent is friendly and professional towards them. That’s why providing good customer service at scale requires software that increases efficiency.

How does a CCaaS software enable good customer experience?

Today’s customers want to reach businesses in the channel that best fits their current situation: phone, email, webchat, or social media. An omnichannel CCaaS solution is essential to conversing with the customers in their preferred channel.

A CCaaS software enables efficient routing and case distribution between agents. It is vital that customer cases are automatically assigned to the agents with the right skillset and knowledge. It is also important to know who is handling each case to avoid unnecessary repetition and agents simultaneously working on the same case.

Personalised service is another asset of a CCaaS solution. Due to an advanced user interface and efficient case distribution, a customer can be always handled by the same agent. If the agent is unavailable, another agent should immediately be able to view the past conversation history of said customer. Instead of tickets and long, dated email threads, an omnichannel CCaaS solution enables genuine dialogue with the customer.

Advanced reporting capabilities provide comprehensive data on various aspects of performance. With these reports, it is easy to determine what is working and what needs to be improved.

An easy-to-use and efficient CCaaS solution keeps agents in good spirits and positively affects their attitude in their job. This results in better customer service and happier customers.

LeadDesk’s features for good customer experience

LeadDesk’s CCaaS solution has a user interface that is easy to use and shows the entire customer conversation history in one view. This makes it easier for agents to navigate the system and provide better and more personalized customer service. LeadDesk’s advanced routing capabilities also ensure that forwarding customers to the right agents is effortless. Admins can customise queues to ensure that SLA’s are met in any situation.

LeadDesk offers advanced reporting tools, including strategic insights, metrics for the analysis and optimisation of sales, and the ability to monitor campaigns, teams, and agents. The reports are customisable, making it easy to fine-tune everything according to the business’s specific needs. This provides detailed information about the customers’ needs.

With LeadDesk, customer service can be easily offered in any channel individual customers prefer. The solution is omnichannel: all channels are in use simultaneously. Switching between channels is easy. This is a major factor in keeping customers happy with their service.

LeadDesk’s scalability and integrability keep customer service effortless. They ensure that the customer service will stay efficient as the business grows.