Creating the call center every agent dreams of

Finnish telemarketing company Prime Sales set out to change the telemarketing industry and to become an attractive and respectable employer. Prime Sales turned to LeadDesk to provide an easy-to-use software that attracts the best agents and improves their results. Thanks in part to the collaboration, Prime Sales has grown their revenue by 3000% in just seven years.

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Founded in 2012, telemarketing company Prime Sales has grown steadily and expanded their offering to appointment bookings and market research as well. Currently, they have 150 employees and offices in seven Finnish cities with plans to expand further in the near future. The company has always strived to be the best employer in the telemarketing business.

Rethinking telemarketing

The founders of Prime Sales had been in the business long enough to know that telemarketing doesn’t have a great reputation.

Persistent stereotypes claim that in telemarketing:

  • employers aren’t trustworthy
  • agents are seen as a source of revenue instead of individuals
  • agent churn is high
  • technology solutions are unreliable
  • team and company spirit are empty rhetoric.


Prime Sales wanted to become the torchbearer for a new, more humane telemarketing. They see team spirit, employee satisfaction, and cutting-edge technology solutions as key elements in attracting and keeping the best agents and achieving the best results.

In Prime Sales’ strategy, the whole company has to work seamlessly. A single weak link, whether it’s software or company culture, ruins the whole operation.

The company already had a vision for the company culture, but they also needed a reliable and effective software to get the best people interested in working for them. This is where LeadDesk entered the picture.

LeadDesk answers the call

When Prime Sales’ founders started comparing different call center software in 2012, they were in charge of a call center company for the first time. They needed a partner that would be truly involved in the onboarding process and during the company’s formative years.

LeadDesk stood out with their willingness to offer customer support of the highest standards.

“When we opted for LeadDesk, they made absolutely sure we were comfortable during the onboarding process. Their flexibility made an impression from the start, and it’s inspiring to see that their growth hasn’t changed this approach,” says Joonas Puurunen, CEO at Prime Sales.

To make collaboration flexible, LeadDesk assigned Prime Sales their own contact person they can rely on at any time when they encounter a problem or have a question to ask. Throughout the years, the contact person has changed, but the service level hasn’t dropped.

Besides the service level, LeadDesk has several features that have improved Prime Sales’ operations and supported their goal of being the best place to work at.

Prime Sales’ favorite features:

  • The interface is so easy to use that it drastically reduces the time needed for agent training.
  • Being cloud-based, LeadDesk is reliable and easily scalable.
  • Integrations with the clients’ CRMs are flexible.
  • Reports can be tailored according to the needs of each campaign and operation.


With LeadDesk, the agents at Prime Sales are able to focus solely on what they’re best at – selling. The interface is so easy to use that lacking IT expertise doesn’t prevent sales professionals from reaching the heights they should reach. The talent pool to hire from is also bigger, as virtually everyone can use the system.

Prime Sales has grown remarkably. As LeadDesk is a cloud software, the solution scales smoothly to meet new demands. With LeadDesk’s support, new offices have been set up quickly and with the right configurations.

“Last year we went to Bulgaria with 15 agents for a combined work and recreational trip. However, the phone network got too busy and we couldn’t work. I called LeadDesk’s customer support, and they understood that in our business we can’t have long downtimes. They set up VoIP for us in no time, and without delay our agents were closing as if nothing had happened. That’s what I call a partnership,” says Puurunen.

LeadDesk has become an integral part of the sales process at Prime Sales. Integrating LeadDesk with various CRMs is simple, which enables fast and smooth starts with new clients.

Tailored reports are effortless to interpret and analyze, so clients are always fully aware of the status of different campaigns. At the same time, the reports provide an accurate leadership tool for Prime Sales.

Concrete results don’t lie

Since Prime Sales’ first full year in 2013, the company’s key figures have risen rapidly:

  • number of calls from 400,000 (2013) to 6,000,000 (2020 estimate)
  • number of sales from 11,000 to 130,000
  • number of employees from 6 to 150
  • revenue from €200,000 to €6,000,000.


Prime Sales has become a known player in the industry and has expanded from Oulu to six other Finnish cities. In 2020, CEO Joonas Puurunen was also chosen as the young entrepreneur of the year in the North Ostrobothnia region.

Puurunen says that LeadDesk has been a key factor in the company’s success: “Top agents don’t want to work for a call center that can’t offer the best software. LeadDesk’s effective and reliable solutions combined with our supportive team spirit and fair work environment give us the recipe for success.”

Automation in the frame

Prime Sales expects to continue growing together with LeadDesk. They are currently testing LeadDesk’s robot calling feature that drastically reduces the time consumed for an outbound call and is always open to new features and opportunities that support their business goals.

“To provide superior service to our clients, we need superior service from our software providers. No question or request has been too hard for LeadDesk,” Puurunen concludes.

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