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Enabling agents to succeed with omnichannel contact center software

date_range 11.05.2020

66% of customers get in touch with customer service using at least three channels. To enable your agents to stay on top in this omnichannel environment, you need to integrate the data from all departments and contact channels into one easy-to-use system – an omnichannel contact center software.

In this article, we’ll review the critical criteria for choosing an omnichannel software from an agent’s perspective.

One view for all channels

In a job where efficiency is key, switching between channels must be smooth. Agents need to get all the necessary customer information in one window.

A customer’s history – no matter how many channels they have used – should be easy to find with a click or two, so that agents can solve issues they have no prior knowledge of.

Also, the agents should be able to choose the most effective channel for all different customer cases.

For example, an email is a good option for sending complex documents, while a chat session is often a more efficient method to answer simple questions. And sometimes agents receive chat messages or emails which they know are easier to answer in a short call through the same omnichannel software they got the messages from.

Integrate data from all departments

Omnichannel software is also an efficient way to break organizational silos and deepen the agents’ overall knowledge of the business.

To provide more holistic service, agents should easily see all the interactions the customer has had with the organization over all channels in a single software.

The best option is a contact center software that can integrate smoothly to your CRM and other vital systems so that agents gain access to complete, accurate customer histories and a better understanding of the processes in other departments.

Minimize stress and churn

Employee turnover rate is significantly higher in contact centers than in most industries.

Often working under tough targets, agents have had to deal with customers who expect flexibility. The tools at the agents’ disposal, however, have been far from adaptable. The introduction of various new, incompatible channels understandably increases stress.

Omnichannel software should give the agents control over their work.

Agents need to see all the customers in line and the channels the customers use. This enables the agents to control their workload by handling multiple customers simultaneously when the situations permit.

The flexibility and readiness of omnichannel contact centers are clearly reflected in customer satisfaction.

As the company processes are integrated, the agents instantly know the background of the issue at hand. When the customers feel they are appreciated by the company, the agents have more positive interactions as a result.

See how omnichannel software improves customer satisfaction


Maximize progress and productivity

Financial rewards, personal progress, and meaning are essential factors in keeping agents satisfied and loyal to a company.

In terms of efficiency and incentives, omnichannel is a no-brainer for agents.

Omnichannel software – like LeadDesk, which you can try for free – enables superior efficiency, which in turn allows agents to concentrate on more challenging cases and training.

This empowers the agents and provides them with a more meaningful career path. Happier agents achieve better results.

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