High volume call center job description – How to hire agents that close deals lightning-fast

High volume call centers are a numbers game. Learn what to consider when hiring agents and managers for a sales operation that closes deals.

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High volume call centers are all about efficiency. Good results require agents that are hungry for deals and have the qualities to match. Read our tips on what to consider when hiring top talent for your high volume call center.  

High volume call centers are a numbers game 

High volume call centers are dedicated to making as many outbound calls per hour as possible and closing as many of the answered calls as possible. Instead of focusing on tailored offers, high volume call centers focus on straightforward campaigns that speak to the masses.  

Working in a highly sales-driven environment requires agents who enjoy a fast pace and are motivated by high sales targets. Handling the constant monitoring of sales performance is also an essential part of the job.  

KPIs like calls per hour, sales per agent, conversion rate, average contact attempts to close a deal and first call close rate are key components for a successful high volume call center operation. 

KPIs that make a difference at high volume contact centers  

At a high volume call center, your agents have to close or your call center doesn’t fulfil its main purpose.  

There are certain KPIs that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Sales per agent: Measuring the number of sales each agent and team makes is the most basic and vital metric. Targeting a certain number of sales should always be part of a campaign. 
  • Calls per hour: The more your agents call, the more opportunities your team has to close deals.  
  • Conversion rate: In addition to call number, the profitability of your operation depends on the percentage of successful calls. Depending on the campaign, the goal can be a sale, setting up an appointment, a donation etc. 
  • Average contact attempts to close a deal: Knowledge of how many contacts it takes for your agents to close a deal provides insight into the quality of your team’s sales process and scripts.  
  • First call close: In rapid-fire call campaigns, the aim is often to get the customer to buy the service or product as soon as possible. Well-trained agents who have the best sales tactics and scripts are essential here. 


Behind the numbers, there is a vital part that can’t be measured as easily as call metrics: soft skills. Even in a hectic environment, the best agents excel in being empathetic with the customers.

Every call center agent makes more calls that fail to lead to a sale than calls that bring in revenue. Agents should be equipped to deal with negative emotions without losing their drive. 

Important qualities for high volume call center agents and managers 

Employees will make or break your high volume call center. Attracting the best possible customer service agents and call center managers ensures that your operation runs efficiently. 

There are several key qualities that make a good high volume call center agent or manager.  

Sales drive essential for high volume call center agents 

To do well in a high volume call center agent’s job, the candidate should be:  

  • Determined: You can’t win every time. You should, however, assemble a team of agents that is determined to improve and try again despite occasional setbacks.  
  • Innovative: You should encourage agents and teams to try new sales techniques and technologies. Sticking to best practices is smart, as they have been proven to work, but the call center world is changing rapidly and your sales teams should keep up with new trends.  
  • Results-oriented and analytical: Every agent should be aware of their performance levels and potential actions required to optimise the operation.  
  • Empathetic and positive: Empathy is key in both customer contact and teamwork. Your team has to enjoy helping each other and finding the right solutions that meet customer needs. A positive attitude should come naturally to an agent as it helps close deals.  
  • Calm under pressure: Call center work is hectic. Your team should focus on what matters, even during the busiest hours and occasional problems.   


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People and organisation skills make a good high volume call center manager  

To do well in a high volume call center manager’s job, the candidate should have:   

  • Analytical mindset with results orientation: Call centers are driven by metrics and the goals are often high. Managers should be motivated by setting targets and organising the operation so that the targets are hit.   
  • People skills: As a call center manager, you constantly interpret, mediate and communicate the needs of both the agents and the management. The manager should be transparent about why and how the operation is run. When everyone understands each other’s needs, it’s easier for everyone to stay motivated.  
  • Technological expertise: Call centers are increasingly driven by technology. Call center managers should ideally identify relevant technology trends to stay ahead in the competitive industry.  
  • Knowledge of offering:  Call center managers need to know their campaigns and clients inside out. They need to optimise campaign constantly and ensure that each team member knows the campaigns and is able to give their best.  
  • Calmness and prioritisation: Call center managers are often responsible for de-escalating complex situations. The better they organise their operation, the less they end up putting out fires. However, it’s inevitable that managers occasionally deal with a lot of pressure. Staying calm and being able to prioritise are thus vital skills for the job.  


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Every call center has its own demands and strengths 

The qualities listed above are good guidelines and approximations that support you in drafting effective high volume call center job ads.  

You are, however, the expert of your own call center and know the special skills required in your business environment. You should always emphasise the qualities that work for you. 

It’s also good to keep in mind that today’s recruitment is not all about your needs. To attract the best talent, you need to offer candidates something else besides a job.  

The work culture you create in your call center might be one of the most important factors that govern what kind of people want to work for you. If you get the balance between your demands and what you can offer right, you also start to attract the right kind of candidates.