How Advanced energy telesales can benefit from LeadDesk

Energy telesales is a competitive business. It’s always changing for a contact center business. How can advanced tools help you come out on top?

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Utility and energy companies are heavy users of contact center businesses. They face heavy competition and the problem of customer churn. In addition to sales, energy companies use contact center businesses to handle customer service, including day-to-day enquiries and crisis handling, such as power outages.

Electricity call center sales processes are in constant flux

In Europe, the energy market is fiercely competitive. It is also under constant change. There are new products being continuously developed, such as electricity sourced from guaranteed renewables. Consumers can typically choose an energy supplier plus an energy distributor. Since the EU energy industry became deregulated, regulations have changed frequently.

Overall, it is a confusing market for consumers, and those in the contact center business have to walk a tightrope. Inside sales and the energy companies’ own customer service centers, as well as outsourcers, must attract and retain customers, and deliver a high-quality, end-to-end customer experience.


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Unique tools for electricity call center sales

LeadDesk call center software is used by over 1000 contact centers, including Northern Europe’s biggest energy suppliers and their outsourced contact centers.

Energy telesales companies choose LeadDesk because of unique tools that help them increase their electricity call center sales. With LeadDesk contact center software they can:

  • Synchronize outbound contact lists with existing customer data
  • Validate customer numbers, meter numbers and contract specifics
  • Provide sales agents with interactive call scripts
  • Offer agents fast and intuitive product information in one unified interface
  • Give access to contract systems in-window to enable subscription switching
  • Increase winbacks with automations and triggers for contacting switching customers
  • Enable advanced multi-site real-time monitoring for distributed, outsourced and cross-border teams
  • Decrease cost per contact with efficient Interactive Voice Response and automated self-service
  • Incorporate appointment booking tools for B2B sales campaigns
  • Empower agents with help desk, troubleshooting and survey capabilities
  • Engage customers at short notice with notification campaigns
  • Provide the full range of outbound and inbound calls, emails, texts, web chat and web-based contact options


LeadDesk understands the demands of energy telesales

If you are in electricity call center sales, you need to handle outbound campaigns with regulatory restrictions and complex product offers and order processes. While the complexity of energy telesales keeps increasing, your response rates, conversion rates and customer satisfaction must keep increasing, too!

The business units and contact center businesses that deploy LeadDesk increase their efficiency, and profitability. Sales up. Costs down. That’s what we live for.

Whether you are running an enterprise operation, or just starting out, for more information about what our call center software can do for your business, get in touch with LeadDesk.

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