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Is your call center software interface holding back agent efficiency?

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date_range 12.08.2019

LeadDesk customers tell us that our agent interface is a big reason that LeadDesk is #1 for outbound. The LeadDesk Machine interface has a big impact on agent efficiency because it is so intuitive and fast.

The great Jakob Nielsen (“the guru of usability”) stated the ten general principles of interaction design. Let’s see what they mean in day-to-day life for LeadDesk contact center agent efficiency:

(And remember, the best way to understand LeadDesk Software is to take it for a spin in a free trial.)

Visibility of system status

LeadDesk agents can clearly see their call status, whatever dialing mode they are using: preview, account, progressive or the LeadDesk predictive dialer.

Match between system and the real world

Clear inbound alerts and a natural flow from interactive scripts through to integrated ordering, help agents keep an efficient logical order.

User control and freedom

LeadDesk admins can maximize individual agent efficiency by providing a choice of dialer modes to experienced agents, like preview dialing or list dialing, in addition to predictive.

Is a predictive dialer your answer to agent efficiency?

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Consistency and standards

Blended inbound and outbound work is seamless in the LeadDesk Machine agent interface. For both admins and agents, LeadDesk includes easily configurable dashboards and widgets for common contact center data points and KPIs.

Error prevention

The most advance contact centers are using the LeadDesk app to sync with national database registries to remove errors in addresses, postcodes, identity numbers etc.

Recognition rather than recall

One reason that LeadDesk outbound agent efficiency is so good is that the options for call resolution, like call backs, are so clear and present. Deal flow, from product selection, through upselling, to ordering, transaction confirmation and logistics, is logical and clear.

Flexibility and efficiency of use

A unified single window approach, supported by key commands, keeps both experienced and inexperienced agents happy. Advanced accelerator features, like call recording, are easily accessible in one click, just like call ending reasons.

Aesthetic and minimalist design

One window. Browser-based. Minimal. Clear. We don’t hold back agent efficiency with fluff.

Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

If a LeadDesk agent hasn’t completed the relevant sequence and selects “deal” or “call back”, they get clear help to rapidly fix their error.

Help and documentation

Agents can start with LeadDesk instantly with no training. Admins can use in-window web chat, live whisper, and interactive call scripts to help agent efficiency.

We want you to close more!

LeadDesk is built, so you can maximize every call and close more deals.

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