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Natascha -
Key Account Manager

date_range 12.02.2020

Natascha Berg decided to start as Account Manager at LeadDesk four years ago because she wanted to be part of an international growth company and to work with a product in a field with a lot of growth potential. Natasha was able to change her position shortly after she joined LeadDesk, and she has since been focusing mainly on inbound and customer service customers. This change has given her an opportunity to develop further in the field of B2B sales. In addition, Natasha enjoys the great team and the freedom and flexibility she has working with sales at LeadDesk.

Could you give us a brief summary of your background?

I studied economics and graduated as Master of Science in Business Administration and Management in 2014. I studied leadership and organisations as my main but also finance. During my studies I worked in the finance industry and after graduating I started working with sales lead generation in a smaller company. During that time, I realized I enjoyed working in a smaller company where I could influence my own routines and job in a greater extent than in my previous jobs. I also found sales as a field very interesting and noticed that in sales you can affect your own job quite a bit as well as your salary.

What made you join LeadDesk?

I heard about LeadDesk through a friend of mine who was working at LeadDesk. She told me about an open position and encouraged me to apply. I decided to join LeadDesk because I felt the company was very interesting. During the recruitment process I got the impression that LeadDesk is a company where things move forward and the job itself seemed interesting. Furthermore, I found the LeadDesk product quite fascinating – it was a totally new field for me, and it sounded like a field with a lot of growth potential. What caught my interest for LeadDesk as a company, was that it is a fast-growing, international company where people enjoy working and like to stay for several years.

What does your typical workday look like?

What my days look like vary quite a lot. One part of my time goes to customer care of old clients – having follow-up meetings, helping them develop how they use LeadDesk and making sure they get what we have promised in time. Another part of my time goes to finding and meeting possible new clients. I have recently started working mainly with in-bound clients that use the LeadDesk software for customer support, and with these clients I have realized that it takes much longer to get to a deal compared to contact centre clients using the product for outbound purposes. With the in-bound clients it takes between 5-10 meetings before you get forward and therefore currently a lot of my time goes to meeting new possible clients. What I like with this job, is the variation – there is no day like the other!

What are the best parts about working at LeadDesk?

What I especially enjoy with working at LeadDesk is my colleagues – the team is the biggest asset we have! But I also really like to work with our clients. I enjoy the Account Manager role where I get to create customer relations and take care of these. Furthermore, the freedom, flexibility and variety in this job is something that fits me well. As long as you do what you are supposed to do, you have the freedom to plan your days in a way that it supports your work in the best possible way.

Looking back at the time you have been with us. What have you learned?

LeadDesk has been my first B2B sales job and it has also helped me find my own direction within sales and explore what fields interest me. I have learned a lot during my four years here for example about what it means to sell a SaaS product to enterprise level – something that was completely new for me when I started. I have gained a lot more knowledge in the sales process and learnt about the contact centre environment and their needs both in terms of in-bound and out-bound sales. And I feel I still learn something new about the LeadDesk product every day.

I think the most valuable thing I have learned so far is sales cycles and processes in big companies – these learnings have played an important part also for my professional growth and will be very valuable also for my future career.

Any advice for people who are considering a job at LeadDesk?

I would recommend LeadDesk as a good alternative if you are interested in SaaS, IT and fast-growing companies. Internationality is very present at LeadDesk, it is a nice working environment and an interesting product. The company grows and there is a lot of potential both in the product and at our clients. I feel that this job suits someone who works quite independently and takes own initiative. Of course, there is always someone who is ready to help you out if you need it – but it also requires that you actively ask for it.

Even though we are a stable, publicly listed company, there’s still a possibility to influence things and take responsibility for your own work and get the feeling of freedom and flexibility that’s often associated with start-ups.

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