Contact center Megatrends

How contact centers can use audio dialogue to create new value and new innovation

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date_range 25.03.2021

Smart speakers, podcasts, Clubhouse and more. After three decades of text dominating interfaces and communications, voice is making a strong comeback.

The smart speaker market has been growing by an average of 40% each year. There are more than two million active podcasts. Audiobooks already generate more than a billion in revenue each year. Clubhouse is the hottest social media right now and practically everyone is walking around with headphones over their ears.

Voice is also maturing as a user interface. It’s especially useful in situations where your hands are tied, like while driving. Of course, voice is not suitable for all purposes. Voice is slower and more time-consuming than text. For example, a customer support agent can usually only handle one call at a time whereas they can have several chat dialogues open simultaneously.

Accessibility is an issue. When adopting for example voice-operated IVR’s or any other voice UI’s, contact centers need to ensure that the system is capable of understanding all accents, tones and speech impediments. Likewise, ensuring high-quality audio between the agent and the customer can improve business results.

Voice is in many ways a more human way to interact than text. Can contact centers use their expertise in audio dialogue to create new value and new innovations from this trend?

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