How A Friendly Chatbot Reflects Väre's Brand Personality

Learn how an electricity company extended their brand and gave it life with a conversational AI chatbot.

Väre does things differently. 

While most electricity companies are content with selling electricity contracts, Väre ups the game.

Their services include electricity packages with multiple pricing options, turnkey solar panel installation services, electric car charger installation, and special offers for customers who want to sell their generated electricity back to the grid. They’ll also package home key insurance with any of your electricity contracts.

Väre has nurtured a very specific brand image that helps customers choose a carbon-conscious electricity solution, all while maintaining a casual, friendly, relationship with their customers.


Choosing a Chatbot

When it comes to customer service, Väre wants every service they offer to reflect their distinct personality. Chatbots are no different.

We wanted a chatbot we could control and customise. A chatbot that reflects our unique personality in our industry” explains Niko Pehkonen, Chief Digital Officer at Väre.

Väre chose LeadDesk because their chatbot has the ability to customise brand messaging based on brand personality, and easily build a front-facing chatbot personality that reflects your brand values.

  • using gifs and images to convey empathy with your customers
  • response variations so that customers don’t get the same answer again, and again
  • easily update the chatbot to promote new products, features and offers.


Väre’s Chatbot – Johan Helbotti

Johan Helbotti is Väre’s chatbot. A play on words, Johan Helbotti would loosely translate to “Finally that helped!”, and Johan is also a Finnish name.

Johan Helbotti is a dapper little helper for all your energy questions. He has his own Twitter account, answering questions like “do you have a girlfriend” (he’s looking for his true love, send tips). And he is listed as Väre’s CX trainees on their staff page.



A Chatbot True to Brand

Väre don’t just want to say hello to their customers. They want Johan Helbotti to greet their visitors in the same unique way any of his human colleagues would. Animated images, or GIFs play a part in building chatbot personality.


Johan Helbotti doesn’t stop there. As an intent-based chatbot, he can understand what customers want to know about. With Väre’s conversational AI chatbot, it understands your intent, even if you misspell words. It also uses button bot tactics to lead you to the information you want once it knows your intent.


If a customer puts in “Solar Panels” (even misspelled, in this example), Johan Helbotti will understand what the customer wants to know about, and utilises a button bot decision tree approach to give each customer the information they want, when they want it.

And each decision tree leads to a relevant page, so customers can start a buying process, for example, with a human advisor after qualifying their interest.


Chatbot Performance with Live Chat

Johan Helbotti works hard as a CX trainee to answer easier customer questions at scale, and only forward the harder unanswered questions to his human colleagues.

He doesn’t work in a vacuum. Johan Helbotti lives in a live chat window, giving customers a simple way to approach their more frequent questions, and he transfers questions he can’t answer to the human customer support team.


Chatbot Data After Three Months

Johan Helbotti has been online for three months, and already gives value to his human colleagues. His General Automation Rate averages at 63%. That means that his human colleagues only had to deal with 37% of all customer chat questions over these three months.


Message Automation Rate

When it comes to each message Johan Helbotti receives from customers, he chats to customers for an average of 7.6 messages per conversation, and automates an average of 94% of messages, while 6% of messages are not possible for him to answer (yet).


“Johan Helbotti is an integral part of our CX team. Our chatbot delights visitors, answers their questions and drives more informed and qualified potential customers to our sales team” Niko exclaims. “LeadDesk helped us build a chatbot that reflects our brand values, a chatbot that’s easy to use and makes life easier for our human CX team.”


About Niko Pehkonen

Niko Pehkonen is the Chief Digital Officer at Väre. He specialises in building sales growth for Väre through innovative digital channels. Reach out to Niko for questions about Johan Helbotti, Väre’s friendly little chatbot, and CX trainee. 

Feel free to try out Johan Helbotti on Väre’s website. 

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