Vitamail succeeds in reducing costs and increasing efficiency with LeadDesk

Vitamail is a Nordic dietary supplement company, which creates, sells and distributes different types of vitamin supplements in the Nordic countries. As per April 2019, they have more than 200.000 customers across the Nordic countries. They focus on sales in different channels, whereas telemarketing is a huge contributor to the growth of the company - the challenge for the customer.

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Outbound calling with LeadDesk

Vitamail were establishing their sales department in 2012
and looked at several systems/solutions for how to do the outbound calling.

Some of the decision making staff at that time had
a rather wide background from a leading callcenter company
in Norway, and thus knew what they were looking for.

After having demos of a couple of systems,
they found LeadDesk through some google searches
and established a contact.

After a precise and good demo, they decided to start
using LeadDesk, and 7 years going strong,
they have not had any regrets since.

All the decision makers in Vitamail has a broad experience from the sales & callcenter industry, but so far LeadDesk is definitely the best software we’ve worked with in terms of sales.

Kristoffer Skogsberg – Chief of Operations

Why did Vitamail choose LeadDesk?

As LeadDesk was the first system at Vitamail, the company did not experience any challenges earlier that they wanted to fix with Leaddesk, however Vitamail was on the lookout for a functioning calling system for the sales department.

With that said, the demo Vitamail got, combined with the looks of the system, they decided to choose LeadDesk. The system is easy to use, have lots of possibilities, as well as the flexibility, which is very good. Vitamail can do 95% of all changes etc. by themselves, without having the costs of an internal “IT-guy”.

The support at LeadDesk also has a good response time if they have any questions, and the people working there are highly competent.

The fact that we have used LeadDesk for seven years, and not felt the need of testing another system once, says quite a lot about how good the system and the service provided is.
LeadDesk is easy to deploy, and simple to learn for our agents.

Kristoffer Skogsberg – Chief of Operations

What improvements have occurred since Vitamail uses LeadDesk?

The system is so easy to administrate, which is important to Vitamail.

You need no heavy it-background either to use the system(agent) or to do admin stuff.

The system is intuitive and responsive, which makes the sales reps. able to use most of their time in producing sales, which is basically what its all about.

LeadDesk is cost effective and a “no-brainer” for us to keep using.
I can highly recommend LeadDesk to any organisations doing both inbound and outbound calling!

Kristoffer Skogsberg – Chief of Operations

What can the decision-makers in the industry learn from this case?

For Vitamail as a company, it is important to try something new from time to time, and to be innovative. By giving Leaddesk a chance when none of them had heard or tried it before, Vitamail quickly learned how to be more effective in sales, as well as being more cost-effective in terms of both payments of the system itself, as well as saving costs on IT-departments standby to create new campaign, import lists etc.

I do believe, especially in B2B, that there are way to many organisations still using excel sheets and cell phone for outbound calling – they do not know what they are missing out on in terms of costs and efficiency.

Kristoffer Skogsberg – Chief of Operations