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Unlock Key Insights on the European CCaaS Market in 2023

Get a comprehensive analysis of the European Contact Center as a Service market compiled by leading analysts Frost & Sullivan. By downloading the report, you’ll get valuable strategic recommendations to gain a competitive edge in your customer engagement efforts.

In this report:

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Understand how the European CCaaS market is maturing and evolving.

Enhance Customer Experience: Learn how cloud-based contact centers can boost CX.

Adapt to Hybrid Work: Discover the role of CCaaS in flexible work environments.

Be Efficient with AI: Explore the impact of AI innovation on contact centers.

The European CCaaS market comprises more than 150 vendors. These vendors offer solutions to companies across a broad range of verticals, including financial services, healthcare, public sector, energy and utilities, retail, education, and insurance.

Learn how different vendors compare to each other and why LeadDesk stays above the market average. 

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Empowering European Contact Centers with CCaaS

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) stands as a strategic necessity for European companies.

This maturing market offers enhanced technology and efficiency, allowing businesses to swiftly adapt and excel in delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX). As hybrid work environments become prevalent, cloud-based contact centers offer the flexibility needed to thrive.

Additionally, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming contact centers, providing tangible value through conversational AI, virtual assistants, and advanced analytics.

Integration strategies, including robust APIs and application marketplaces, empower businesses to tailor solutions to their unique needs. However, navigating Europe’s diverse regulatory landscape, including GDPR and cybersecurity requirements, is essential.

Embrace CCaaS to unlock innovation, compliance, and competitiveness in your contact center operations.

Europe’s CCaaS Market Soars

Europe’s CCaaS market is skyrocketing, with revenues leaping from €1.4 billion in 2022 to an anticipated €1.6 billion in 2023. This signifies an impressive 21% annual growth rate.

Key markets like the United Kingdom and France jointly contributed 38% of the total 2022 revenue, underlining their significance. Europe ranks second globally, securing a substantial 30% revenue share, just behind North America at 58.5%, and stands second in revenue growth, trailing only Central and Latin America’s 28.7% growth rate in 2022.


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LeadDesk as part of CCaaS market

An innovative solution

LeadDesk is a native private-cloud, multi-tenant, full-service contact center suite with capabilities for outbound, omnichannel, talk, mobile, and chatbots.

Growing and reliable

LeadDesk’s growth has been above the market’s average over the last few years. Revenue has doubled in the past two years, with headcount rising by 55% in the same period.

Bringing innovation

LeadDesk is integrating OpenAI technology, including the Davinci language model and Whisper, for natural language and speech-to-text applications. It is evaluating new OpenAI models for integration into its AI stack.