Intelligent dialer modes enable your agents to work efficiently.

LeadDesk’s auto and predictive dialer modes enable your agents to go from 40 calls per day to 120 calls per day.


With our clear user interface, there’s no learning curve.


An intelligent dialer and a quick interface enable your agents to work efficiently.


Never lose track of your customers and agent performance with great reporting tools.

“With LeadDesk we can contact roughly 10000 additional customers on a monthly basis”

Rami Santrisi, Project Manager at Telenor

Make more productive calls

Switching from a manual dialer to LeadDesk typically enables your call center agents to call three times as many contacts per day.

Choose your dialer mode:


The auto dialer mode enables premium service without sacrificing agent efficiency.


The click-to-call dialer mode allows agents to dial numbers directly from websites, spreadsheets or CRM.


The power dialer software allows your agents to make contact with customers efficiently and smoothly.


A predictive dialer software allows your agents to engage with the maximum number of customers.

What are the benefits of using an auto dialer software?

An auto dialer balances agent efficiency and preparation.

As the agents don’t have to dial contacts manually, they get to concentrate on selling instead of browsing and dialing through contact lists.


What are the benefits of using a click-to-call software?

It allows the agents to prioritize their contacts on the go, as they best see fit.

If you integrate a click-to-call dialer with a CRM, you can easily get new leads that your agents can follow up with. Quick and efficient follow-ups are a proven way to drive sales.

What are the benefits of using a power dialer software?

The power dialer software automatically makes a defined number of calls on a contact list and assigns them to your agents when they become free.

This reduces the time agents spend waiting for contacts to pick up.

What are the benefits of using a predictive dialer software?

With a predictive dialer, your call center will always have more lines open than there are free agents.

The biggest benefit of using a predictive dialer software is efficiency. It aggressively optimizes agent efficiency by maximizing the number of calls and minimizing idle time.

Why should you modernise your operations by choosing LeadDesk?

Rich dialing features

Manual & automatic dialer included for all users. Power-, Predictive- and Account dialing available for LD Essential, Advanced and Enterprise customers*.

Inbound Call Blending

Blend inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to the agent, regulating outbound call volume based on inbound traffic.

Call summary notes

Let your agents make and view notes about your prospects.


Use LeadDesk Talk to call directly from your CRM, website or even an Excel sheet.

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