Developer environments enable profound customisation of CCaaS systems  

Learn more about the importance of developer environments and see how you can customise the LeadDesk CCaaS system to your needs.

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No two customer service teams are alike, as all organisations will have their own goals, staff, and ways of working. While leading CCaaS systems will enable the adoption of industry best practices, there’s always a need to customise the system at some level and integrate the system into other applications. Solid developer environments enable profound system personalisation to meet each customer service team’s automation, efficiency and standardisation needs.

What are CCaaS developer environments?

A developer environment of a CCaaS system is a collection of tools that enable you, as the customer, to code additional features, automatisation, and integrations yourself. Developer environments go beyond traditional customisation tools and typically require coding skills. 

A good developer environment provides tools for testing and verifying the features before publication. Typically, this requires a sandbox environment where integrations and features can be safely tested and older versions rolled back to, if necessary.

How does your business benefit from a developer environment?

When evaluating a CCaaS system, you should list the necessary integrations and features you need. If no system meets these needs off-the-box or a system that is perfect otherwise but missing a specific component, you will likely need to develop them yourself or with the help of a partner. Therefore, evaluating the developer environment should be essential to the purchase process.

Developer environments also allow you to automate your operations by, for example, transferring data between systems on behalf of agents. Less mundane data entry for the agents and more focus on their core work.

Note that your needs might change in the future. A future-proof CCaaS system will, for example, provide open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable the system to be integrated into any systems you might need in years to come. 

Any vendor serious about helping customers develop the system will provide clear and open documentation for developers, usually in the form of a developer-specific website. The site should show how the CCaaS system can be customised and provide clear instructions for your developers.   

LeadDesk’s developer environment helps you build apps, automate workflows and manage your data 

The LeadDesk developer environment can be split into four categories: Original API, REST API, Contact Card and LeadML. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will help you find the easiest way to create a custom feature or integration.

The Original API helps you manage your LeadDesk data using simple HTTP/HTTPS requests. A simple example would be automation that adds a contact to the list of contacts to call. 

The REST API is a more advanced and powerful API that can be used to automate workflows and build LeadApps.  

Contact Cards can replace the agents’ standard customer card view with an external website or service that appears within the LeadDesk CCaaS system.    

LeadML or the LeadDesk Markup Language allows you to harness the full power of the LeadDesk CPaaS platform to control calls and message flows. Using LeadML, you can continue using another user interface for calling and messaging while benefitting from LeadDesk’s solid call infrastructure.  

Get expert advice for your customisation needs

Developer environments in CCaaS can bring powerful new abilities to your customer service software. Getting expert advice and support from your provider is a must, so you can rapidly start using the features you need. Book a LeadDesk demo, and let our technical experts help you get the ball rolling in your contact center.