Professional Services at LeadDesk – Integrations and LeadApps

This is part of a series about the various projects LeadDesk’s professional consulting service (PCS) team undertake to build custom functionalities and extensions to our contact center software.

Some of these projects are custom-built for single customers and stay that way, while others are adapted later on for more widespread use (LeadApps).

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LeadDesk contact center software works in the cloud. This means that there is a lot of potential for connecting it with other business solutions LeadDesk customers might use with an Application Programming Interface (API).  These connections with other softwares are called integrations, and they securely pass information between LeadDesk and the software connected with it.

This secure data sharing means that customer information gathered in LeadDesk could be used to quickly perform actions in another software, or information shared with LeadDesk could help agents with their work by providing additional customer information.

Here are a few of the integrations and add-ons LeadDesk’s PCS team have worked on:

Easy E-Sign

Easy E-Signing is a cost efficient LeadApp that can be activated in your LeadDesk account. It allows for easy contract management, particularly in outbound sales situations where a customer needs to sign a longer document in order to confirm the purchase.

An agent can build a contract quickly, thanks to its AutoFill capability, which automatically fills the order and customer contact details into the contract template. Agents can send the contract via email or SMS during or after the call and keep track of the status directly in LeadDesk.

When the customer signs the contract, IP and Timestamp is recorded in the contract for future reference.

Easy E-Sign can be found for all LeadDesk customers on the LeadApp Store.


WayToBill is a European telesales checkout and subscription payment provider. It allows telesales companies easily facilitate payments from customers made via outbound sales calls. This LeadApp connects LeadDesk and WayToBill together.

During the call, agents can choose the product or service that the customer wants and generate a deal with it directly in LeadDesk for Outbound Sales.

This then sends a text message or email to the customer with a payment link, prefilled with their information and product choice. The customer can then choose from a variety of payment options, including direct debit/giro, credit or debit card, or invoice.

Once the transaction is complete, the customer will receive a confirmation email with a receipt of their purchase.

Once the payment is complete, the order status in LeadDesk will change automatically from “Pending” to “Confirmed”, to eliminate any mistakes trying to sell the same products to the customer again in the same sales cycle.

You can read more about LeadDesk’s WayToBill integration on the LeadApp store.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS started out as a PCS project with one client which we thought would be useful if we modified it slightly for all customers.

This LeadApp is free for all LeadDesk customers and, as the name suggests, allows you to bulk send text messages to customers. You could be having a seasonal campaign and want to inform many customers about it at once, for example.

Bulk SMS takes text message marketing a step further though. Depending on the customer’s answer, the LeadApp will automatically create callback requests for the customers with a certain reply.

This means that you could inform customers about your campaign via text, and if they express initial interest, have a more personal touchpoint with those ones via a voice call.

Bulk SMS is free for all LeadDesk customers on the LeadApp store.

Holiday Tool

As a truly European-focused contact center company, LeadDesk’s team is always looking for ways to make sure that our customers are able to operate their contact centers within the law in their particular jurisdiction.

For example, in Germany, you are not allowed to call someone during a holiday, and different regions of the country have different holiday days. It would be wasteful to simply not call anyone during all these holidays, so our PCS team developed the Holiday Tool LeadApp.

Holiday Tool checks the post codes of your contacts against a schedule of holidays and makes it impossible to call contacts in a region where there is a holiday on that day.

This makes it much easier for contact center operators to stay within the legislation and avoid non-compliance punishments.

Check out the Holiday Tool on the LeadApp store.


Sales and Customer Service often hangs on the relationship between the customer and the agent they’re talking to. This can be due to a number of factors which might include age, gender, location, for example.

Sniper is a machine learning tool that uses factors like these and data from calls to create a matchmaking model between agents and contacts. With this tool, you can match up the right agent with the right contact based on data and demographics.

Sniper is available to select high-volume customers who fit the right data requirements. Get a Demo and ask your LeadDesk expert about Sniper for more information.

Dynamic Numbers

Lead attribution is getting harder. While many companies grapple with a cookieless future, LeadDesk has been building solutions to help companies track where their leads are coming from.

With Dynamic Numbers, you can display different numbers in your landing page based on certain conditions and use the numbers that customers call you from to track the source of that lead.

PCS developed this add-on as a special customer request and availability is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Get a Demo and ask your LeadDesk expert about Dynamic Numbers to learn more.

Working with LeadDesk PCS

LeadDesk’s PCS team has a wide-ranging experience working on projects that connect third-party softwares to LeadDesk, as well as implementing custom add-ons and special projects to make LeadDesk even more effective for our customers’ needs.

If you’re uncertain about using LeadDesk because of a custom need that you’re looking for in your contact center, talk to us. Our PCS team is on-hand to build extensions that make your contact center work easier.