The Critical Benefits of a Customer Administration Portal in a CCaaS Solution

See why a high-functioning CCaaS solution needs a flexible, omnichannel customer administration portal.

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A modern, high-performing contact center operates on many levels and channels. It seeks efficiency without compromising customer satisfaction and agent well-being. To secure a seamless operation that meets the individual needs of the contact center, the CCaaS system needs to provide a high-quality customer administration portal.  

What is a customer administration portal? 

A customer administration portal helps managers and team leaders modify and create processes and paths in the CCaaS system. Various features in the CCaaS solution, for example, queue management, should be customisable by the organisation without external help. As every contact center has their own processes and customs, high customisability is critical to a CCaaS solution that can offer a well-functioning customer administration portal. 

The modifications are needed when adopting a CCaaS system that serves the organisation as effectively as possible. It also serves a purpose when optimising performance and experimenting with new ideas. They are also needed in various exceptional situations, such as crises or staff shortages.  

The benefits of a customer administration portal 

Team leaders and managers must be able to modify the system’s features. This includes, e.g.  directing the calls and messages in the queue to the right agent based on agent skills and availability. Customer experience improves as customers instantly converse with the best-equipped agent to handle their needs.  

A customer administration portal allows quick edits and customisations. This streamlines the processes as you don’t have to use third parties to modify the system. 

Contact centers also benefit from an automatic call & message distribution system (ACMD) in their CCaaS system. ACMD lets managers customise the answer flows in all channels and not just phone calls – which is what a traditional automatic call distribution system (ACD) does.  

Omnichannel ACMD distribution has several benefits. It improves reporting accuracy with an efficient ACMD process that won’t bounce the customer from one agent to another.  Queue optimisation and assigning messages to the correct agent allows for a more efficient service even in overflow situations. The possibility to create multiple queues with different parameters enable agent specialization. ACMD is also fully integrated into other systems in use, such as CRM, reducing the need to manually enter data.  

Customer administration portal in LeadDesk  

The LeadDesk CCaaS solution allows you to modify and build various paths within the system easily. It has been designed to empower organisations to edit the system according to their needs. The user interface is easy to use and logical to edit.  

LeadDesk’s CCaaS solution is omnichannel, which allows your agents to serve customers across all channels from one view. Omnichannel software has become critical to modern customer service as it combines all channels into one queue. As discussed above, the solution gives you all the benefits of an omnichannel ACMD system. 

The solution also has in IVR (interactive voice response) interface, a tool for creating your IVR.  

AI chatbots allow you to deflect up to 90% of issues, which reduces queues significantly. Chatbots also create a higher availability, leading to shorter waiting times when human agents are working, and customers are directed to the right agent. Naturally, the chatbots can be customized to suit the needs of your operation. 

By collecting all data to a single system, you can better see the impact of changes and experiment further. The solution gives you real-time reports on agents’ performance and workload and improves queue management. This allows team leads to optimise and balance workloads and organise customer service teams more effectively, ensuring that the operation flows as smoothly as possible. The ability to efficiently track KPIs just further enhances this.  

How other companies are using LeadDesk 

Manpower wanted a flexible system that enables endless customisations and live performance tracking. With LeadDesk, they got what they wished for, and the operation works seamlessly with increased efficiency. 

LeadDesk has provided Sparebanken Vest with a highly customisable and flexible solution that works fluently for their needs as a company with high customer traffic and the need to react fast and accordingly to any arising situation.