Critical Capabilities of a CCaaS Solution: Data Center Design

High-performing, resilient, and scalable data center design is important for modern CCaas software.

Cloud Contact Center Software
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Modern customer service demands high-performing, resilient, and scalable data center design. That’s why the underlying architecture of a CCaaS software is essential when choosing a CCaaS solution.

Why is data center design important in CCaaS?

To ensure a smooth-flowing operation and a good customer experience, the data center architecture of a CCaaS solution must be solid. Customer service teams must be reachable and operational in all situations: dropped calls, lost emails, and disconnecting queues are detrimental to a good customer experience. That’s why high service availability should be a key criterion when evaluating CCaaS systems, and the vendor needs to be able to demonstrate their availability openly.

Besides service availability, customer service systems also need to adhere to high cyber security standards. You don’t want critical customer data in the wrong hands.

Contact centers can offer the same high-quality customer service even if a disaster happens when all data is safely stored and duplicated. Losing one server should not bring the entire system down.

LeadDesk’s data center design

The LeadDesk CCaaS solution is built with proven technologies and modern libraries. As the system is based on modern technologies proven solid by many online services, your customer service team can enjoy high availability in all situations. Even if you are flooded with inbound calls or messages, the solid underlying architecture ensures that your customer service stays operational and the phone lines remain open.

Your operation will be secure due to safe and automated daily backups, certified cyber security, and regular security tests.

Cyber security is critical, especially when personal data is handled, such as in contact centers. To ensure that our customers use a secure system, we have sought external evaluation of our processes and technology. As a result, LeadDesk is SOC 2 accredited and ISO 27001 certified.

To restrict unauthorized access to data, the software contains different user roles.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the EU’s data privacy and security law that affects everyone that targets or collects data related to the people in the EU. Abiding by the regulation is mandatory. LeadDesk helps you stay GDPR compliant. You can always trust that all personal information is secure, handled appropriately, and according to the law. All procedures are implemented in line with local laws.

Reliability is key in infrastructure. LeadDesk’s uptime is extremely high, up to 99,95%, giving you the ability to provide efficient customer service in all situations. Everything is at least duplicated to ensure no data is lost, even if there is a problem with the server.

The software is based on a cloud solution-server architecture and uses multiple vendors in various locations around Europe. This means that even if one server fails, your operations will not suffer, as you can switch to using another.

Efficient call architecture is a must-have in a contact center environment. Our audio is exceptionally high-quality, and the calls don’t cut off. Your agents and customers can communicate effectively in any situation.