Our order confirmation solutions for Outbound sales—which one to choose?

In some countries, phone sales regulations require that orders made from an outbound call must be confirmed in an additional channel. Read what kind of tools we offer for confirming orders and which one would be a best fit for your company.

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In some countries, phone sales regulations require that orders made from an outbound call must be confirmed in an additional, written channel.

For this, we offer various ready-made native solutions that are fully integrated into LeadDesk and are easily used and managed on the Agent and Admin UIs. We can also custom-build a solution to fit and integrate with your other infrastructure. For customers that need to use strong identification authentication we also have partners providing solutions meeting this requirement.

There are couple of basic things you need to consider when choosing the right solution for you, stated by the legislation of your market and the value or nature of the products and services you are selling.


Timing of the confirmation

Legislation in some countries require confirmation taking place during the call, while in others like Sweden and Finland (starting from 1.1.2023) for example, the law states that the order must be confirmed after the call, not during it.


The SMS messages are effective in getting your customers to confirm the orders while it’s so easy for them. The SMS channel is good for short messages and replies, but if you need to have more text or need contracts to be signed, check out solutions for e-signing. With e-signing tools, the customer is sent a link that leads them to sign a contract.

Identification method

The SMS solutions identify the users by their phone numbers, where as e-signing solutions can identify the customer in different ways. Automatic identification e.g., via IP-address is effortless to the customer, so the customers are more likely to confirm the deal than when having to identify. Even though asking your clients to identify with a strong authentication method like a bank ID can lower your order conversions, you might need it depending on the local legislation, or nature of the sold product or service.


SMS—for quick and simple confirmations


2-way SMS for Outbound

  • Can be used for any kind of interactive SMS communication with the customers
  • Enables your agents to send 2-way order confirmation SMS messages from LeadDesk directly
  • Agents can send messages while being on the call, or after the call if needed
  • The agents can use SMS templates created by Admin
  • View and track the 2-way SMS activity log in the LeadDesk Admin panel, including customer replies


SMS Order confirmation

  • Automates the SMS order confirmation process, taking away the need for any manual work
  • Free up your agents by automating the SMS messages to be sent to your customers after every order
  • For sending the message after the call, not during it
  • When the customer replies confirming the deal, the order status gets automatically updated in LeadDesk
  • Create automated flows for reminder messages, callbacks, and welcome messages
  • Manage the message scripts, flows and settings easily in the Admin panel


E-signing—for longer text and contracts


Easy E-signing

  • Easy contract management
  • Suitable for multiple-page documents
  • Customers can use easily on mobile also
  • The Agent sends a link from LeadDesk to the customer to go and sign the contract
  • The link can be sent via email and SMS to the customer, during or after the call
  • The Agents can keep on track of the status and approval for the contract in LeadDesk
  • Customise and manage easily in the Admin panel
  • Identification with IP-address —Effortless customer experience means high order conversion


3.rd party solutions—e-signing when strong identification authentication is needed

Please note that these partner solutions are not fully integrated to LeadDesk.


Scrive (3.party)

  • E-signing solution with various authentication methods
  • Contract management for bigger deals
  • Confirmation requests can be sent to the customers via email and SMS
  • Customers can sign documents on any device and on any system

GetAccept (3.party)

  • E-signing solution with various authentication methods in Nordics
  • Confirmation requests are sent to the customers via SMS
  • Keep on track of the customer’s activity and set up reminders

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