High volume call center – Top CCaaS features needed for efficient high-volume call management

See how a high volume call center benefits from replacing a legacy platform with a Contact Center as a Service ((CCaaS) solution.

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Making and receiving hundreds or thousands of calls daily demands solid call infrastructure. Modern Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) systems give high volume call centers more flexibility and efficiency in their operations.

What is a high volume call center?

As the name suggests, a high volume call or contact center typically receives or makes hundreds of calls per agent daily. While customer service is increasingly omnichannel, the telephone is still the preferred touchpoint for many customers.

Managing many calls manually is very inefficient. That’s why telephony-centric, high volume contact centers use software to distribute calls between agents. Traditional on-premise solutions are still popular, but a cloud-based Contact Center as a Service is the weapon of choice of a modern organisation.

Potential for improving the performance of high volume call centers

Many high volume contact centers still use legacy software to manage their operations. Legacy systems typically require internal resources for continuous maintenance and development to remain competitive and secure.

On-premise solutions require significant upfront investments and are not easily scalable. Capacity cannot be quickly increased as new servers need to be installed. If this capacity later becomes redundant, money is wasted.

As systems reach the end of their lifecycle, it makes sense to switch to a cloud-based Contact Center as a Service solution.

Contact Center as a Service for high volume call centers

Contact Center as a Service (CCaas) is cloud-based software that delivers the capabilities of a contact center system. As the vendor maintains the system, fewer IT resources are needed. With CCaaS, high volume call centers are only paying for the actual use of the system, typically via a monthly bill based on the number of users.

CCaaS enables high volume call centers to focus on their primary goal: to deliver high-quality customer service efficiently – and meet SLAs.

As cloud infrastructure is scalable, a solid CCaaS system will not bottleneck the flow of customer service even in extreme cases when the number of calls surges to unprecedented figures.

SLA’s permitting, agents are not tied to a single location. As the popularity of remote work has radically increased, a CCaaS system running on any computer can be a significant factor in attracting the best talent to your customer service team.

Security risks are minimized when purchasing a CCaaS solution from a credible, certified vendor. Learn more about contact center cyber security from our security guide.

The LeadDesk Contact Center as a Service – What’s different?

As a modern CCaaS solution, the LeadDesk customer service software is omnichannel. The same interface gathers calls, SMSs, emails, and instant messages into a single view. Customer service representatives can, therefore, easily see all the customer dialogue on one screen. Usability is a critical feature in increasing agent productivity.

In addition, the LeadDesk system perfectly matches the primary needs of a high volume call center. The underlying telephone architecture is extremely solid. Last year, agents received or made more than 500 million calls using the system.

The solid architecture guarantees excellent audio quality and reduces the chance of dropped calls. Customers and agents can get their business done easier.

With a 99,95% system uptime, high volume call centers can be sure that the system works when needed. A workforce management solution is available to ensure you have the right personnel to answer and call when needed.

The LeadDesk solution is easy to customise to any operations. For example, IVRs, queues, and agent roles can be built and modified. These are often helpful in automating the response to simple queries and redirecting calls to senior specialists.

No external help is required to customise the LeadDesk system. You can quickly test alternative ways to improve the operations of your high volume call center yourself.

Are you interested in learning more about our solution? Get in touch. If you need more information about how to find the perfect customer service software, why not download our buyer’s guide?

How are other high volume call centers using LeadDesk?

Sparebanken Vest is offering outstanding customer service with the help of LeadDesk. Edenred enabled their customer service to work remotely and blend inbound and outbound calling by switching to the LeadDesk customer service solution.

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