Link CCaaS with Workforce Engagement Management to improve customer service performance

See how a good workforce engagement management software increases efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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A customer service center is a hectic environment with plenty of staff and data to manage. Running a high-performing contact center requires a good system that simplifies admin work and agents’ routines. Workforce engagement management software helps align the needs of managers and agents. 

What is Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)? 

A workforce engagement management solution helps in the day-to-day running of a customer service center. It is the backbone of several vital processes, such as work schedules and helps team leads and agents ensure an efficient workforce organization. These features are traditionally known as workforce management. The engagement refers to additional tools that further motivate agents and help them improve their skills.   

A high-performing contact center requires good workforce engagement management software that integrates with the CCaaS system. Modern WEM software goes far beyond schedule planning and provides customised machine learning to predict the specific needs of your customer service center and help agents develop their skills.  

The benefits of a good workforce engagement management software 

A high-quality workforce engagement management software saves time and increases efficiency. Work schedules, for example, can be built automatically. Agents have the possibility to influence when they are at work and when on vacation by making requests and reports. Empowering the agents reduces churn.   

Team leaders no longer need to manually plan who is working and when, as the system creates a preliminary plan automatically. Less time is spent on time management, so team leaders can focus on helping agents succeed.   

A good workforce engagement management software uses historical and real-time data to provide insights for workforce optimisation. For example, the software can forecast the number of agents needed at any given time to meet your SLAs or other goals. You will have fewer idle agents while still guaranteeing a solid customer experience. The system should also support skills-based scheduling to ensure enough expertise is available. 

The features of the workforce engagement management software can be extended with additional tools for motivating, rewarding and coaching agents. These features are important for the agents’ development and for nurturing a motivated work community.  

Workforce engagement management with LeadDesk  

LeadDesk’s workforce management solution is tailored to the needs of modern customer service teams and offers a high degree of customisation. The solution is powered by Calabrio, a global frontrunner in customer service workforce management.  

The software enables easy and fast admin work, resulting in significant time savings. Schedules can be built effortlessly. Agents can report their availability and request shift changes, which increases agent satisfaction. The software is simple to set up, and we offer local support in eight EU countries in your local language.  

The solution also uses advanced machine learning to predict your staffing needs based on historical and real-time data. This makes it easy to avoid idle hours and understaffing, which in turn increases efficiency, profit, and agent and customer satisfaction.  

LeadDesk’s sales gamification and coaching extensions complement the workforce management system and enable true engagement management.  

On one hand, the coaching tool Spotlight helps team leads see who’s doing well and who needs help. You can customise the tool to monitor the KPIs most relevant to your operations. Spotlight makes it easy to compare the statistics of single agents against other agents, teams, and the whole organisation. It is a valuable tool for onboarding new agents and helping them succeed.   

On the other hand, the sales gamification tool Superstars gives you live performance data, helps with skill-based coaching and makes setting up various competitions easy. Team competitions enhance team bonding and improve business performance – especially in sales-oriented organisations. 

The LeadDesk CCaaS system itself also simplifies workforce engagement management. Team leaders can listen in on conversions and capture relevant performance data to help agents improve at their work.  

How other companies are using LeadDesk

Norwegian bank Sparebanken West was happy with the improvement in their workforce engagement: “After we used LeadDesk, we have gained very good insight into traffic, customer behaviour and very good control of workforce management.”   

The Dutch media sales startup Z-Works needed a more efficient, easy-to-use CCaaS solution. Switching to LeadDesk has greatly benefited them, as one person can manage up to 100 employees alone, adding new agents to campaigns etc. quickly and effortlessly. Team leads are also able to see their team’s key metrics easily and put that information into good use in workforce management. Z-Works’ efficiency in workforce management has greatly increased with LeadDesk.