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Sparebanken Vest renews their agreement with LeadDesk for three new years!

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date_range 21.02.2022

From 01.01.2022, Sparebanken Vest has entered into a 3-year agreement with LeadDesk for further delivery of a multi-channel contact center solution to their business.

Since 1998 Sparebanken Vest has been a part of the journey from the beginning of the modern contact center, to what the solution is today –  a multi-channel contact center solution – tailored to meet their strategy and business model. 

How to maintain a long and satisfactory customer relationship?

LeadDesk has a strong focus on not only being a vendor, but a partner for our customers. As  one of our oldest customers, Sparebanken Vest has had, and still has, a great influence on the further development and direction of our solutions. With such a collaboration, we can both grow better and stronger together. 

“LeadDesk has the necessary and sufficient insight about us as a customer to be proactive in relation to present new solutions and opportunities. In addition, to actively use this insight for further product and service development that is valuable to us. They are also an important contributor in relation to getting the maximum effect out of the services provided. “

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest

Trust and reliability

We have repeatedly been trusted to continue the delivery of the contact center solution to Sparebanken Vest and we are proud and happy to be given the opportunity yet again. 

Operational stability in the LeadDesk ICC solution has been very important for us. LeadDesk has also delivered on customer-specific requests and that has been essential.” 

– David Langeland, Head of System Management and Service Desk at Sparebanken Vest  

What does the future hold for Sparebanken Vest and LeadDesk?

Sparebanken Vest currently uses LeadDesk ICC (Inbound Contact Center) with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration module. This in addition to workforce management for their departments. In 2021, LeadDesk joined forces with Calabrio and established a new partnership – Sparebanken Vest will be the first customer with LeadDesk ICC and Calabrio WFM. 

“In a future perspective, we also see a clear advantage of collaborating with LeadDesk. The collaboration gives us access to a network of alliance partners that offer a complete service offering for an even better customer and user experience. Especially thinking of the possibility of using APIs and integration possibilities with other players. ” 

– Anita Østerbø, Director of Direktebank Sparebanken Vest 

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