Streamline your sales workflow with the new Outbound UI

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date_range 27.04.2022

At LeadDesk, we look for ways to help you improve agent performance. Thousands of agents use LeadDesk’s Outbound UI daily, and we developed a new Outbound UI to help them make more calls quickly and easily.ย 

We interviewed agents to learn how they use LeadDesk and conducted extensive research about how contact centers use the Outbound UI.

Based on research findings, our team built a new version of the Outbound UI with a modern look and an efficient, responsive layout. We developed and tested each new feature to solve existing pain points, improving agent efficiency.

We’re certain this new design will help improve your daily workflow.

Are you interested to learn more about the full research and development process? Download the full Modern Outbound UI report.

New navigation system

Modern Outbound UI features a clearer hierarchy between left and top navigation. Access different views like outbound, history, order, away and settings in the left navigation. In the top navigation, select view-specific features, like campaigns in the Outbound tab.

new Outbound UI navigation bar

Search and select campaigns

Change your campaigns from the top navigation bar in the Outbound tab, . You can also rapidly find specific campaigns in the dropdown, thanks to the integrated search function.



Renamed calling modes

In response to user feedback, we changed the calling mode names. Automatic call and Semi-automatic call are now Progressive call and Preview call.

In the Modern Outbound UI, choose your preferred Calling mode in the top right corner, under your own username.

Start Inbound and Robot

Previously, inbound calls were turned on automatically whenever users navigated to the tab. Our research indicates that agents prefer to have more control over when inbound calls should be turned on. Now, you can control this feature more easily with the new toggle feature.



Future plans

We continually develop LeadDesk and add features to improve your experience.

Thank you to all customers who helped us in the research and design process. Our product team learned so many valuable insights when they visited your contact center offices. Every interview, survey and usability test helped us create the Modern Outbound UI design.

We hope to enjoy your continued support and collaboration while delivering a software that best serves your work and productivity.

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