Be a part serves customers on multiple channels

Be a part uses the LeadDesk Contact Center as a Service solution (CCaaS) in the field and at events to serve customers on multiple channels.

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Be a part helps their customers complete projects and adapt processes and organisational design to the present and the future. They have a wide-ranging expertise, with in-depth experience and knowledge in interim management, event management, and after-sales services.


Need: Increase customer contact across multiple touchpoints

Be a part is always looking for ways for technology to complement their work. In event management particularly, they felt a need for a tool which could flexibly complement their events tool, so that on-site teams could quickly and easily reach and orchestrate clients in the field.

They also wanted a tool which could handle multiple channels, so that they could contact and analyse customer reactions through multiple touchpoints.

Before LeadDesk, Be a part used multiple solutions in direct messaging and mail to talk with customers at events.

  • Customised campaigns
  • Ability to create multiple touchpoints across multiple channels
  • Complements existing tools
  • Link touchpoints from different channels into single campaigns
  • Simple to learn and easy to use in the field
  • Real-time campaign reporting for live analysis


Solution: Automated, personalised, high-quality communication solution in a click

By choosing LeadDesk as their communication solution, Be a part got a digital solution that would cover customer touchpoints with ease. Click-to-call helps them connect with customer quickly, and digital processes are kept lean and clear with an easy-to-use interface for the on-site events team.

With LeadDesk, they are also about to link multiple communication streams (direct call, direct message, mailings) within customisable campaigns. They can also personalise experiences with personal waiting loops in calls, and custom message templates. Most importantly they are able to analyse and report on all communication processes in real time.

“LeadDesk has made it possible for us to offer our clients technical ease in projects, setting up campaigns quickly, and tailoring them to the needs of the project. Our ambition is to connect people and technology through digital assistants: the LeadDesk solution is a valuable addition for us in this regard thanks to its flexibility, customizable components, and simple user interfaces.”

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