Telbes AG, a Händlerbund company, has been using LeadDesk's call and communication centre software for all call centre activities since 2014

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LeadDesk customer case study Händlerbund

Within its wide-ranging e-commerce network, Telbes AG offers various services in the different areas of the e-commerce sector. These include customer services in first and second level support, online shop management, technical hotlines, order hotlines, outbound campaigns, secretarial services and mystery calls. In detail, this includes inbound and outbound telephony, appointment scheduling, ticket and e-mail processing as well as chat and social media channel support.

Telbes AG emerged from the e-commerce sector, but now works with many different industries. To cover different languages, telbes has built up a broad network of contact centre service providers. Since 2014, Telbes AG has been using LeadDesk's call and communication centre software.

Inbound campaigns

Outbound campaigns

Outbound campaigns are planned individually for each customer and created in LeadDesk. Data is imported manually via the admin user. The call is processed and analysed exclusively in LeadDesk.

Call centre management

telbes AG uses the LeadDesk rights and roles concept for the operational management of call centre projects. The roles – Admin, Manager and Team Leader – which have different rights and are preset in the system, are used.
To control call distribution, a whole series of key figures are determined which enable telbes AG to continuously evaluate and further develop the operational call centre processes. Among other things, call and processing times, the number of calls, success rates etc. are analysed on the basis of various reference values.
Reports are generated automatically for the inbound area. In the outbound area, this is done manually according to customer requirements.

Improvements through LeadDesk

LeadDesk offers an excellent price-performance ratio and was able to impress from the outset with its professional and personalised support. The software is also characterised by its ease of use and offers the user a wide range of options for setting up the system via the admin interface.

The use of LeadDesk has made collaboration with partners in particular much easier. Thanks to the various routing options in inbound and the simple creation of complex analyses, key processes have been made more efficient.