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9 great Zendesk computer telephony integrations

The LeadDesk API makes Zendesk computer telephony integration possible. Lower your costs and transform the customer experience.

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5 Ways GDPR Will Impact Contact Centers

What does the European General Data Protection Regulation mean for contact centers? In this blogpost, we list 5 ways it will impact your business.

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5 tricks to learn from publishing telesales to boost your sales

In this article, we’ll take a look at how big publishers use call center software and telesales, and what businesses in other sectors can take away.

Call Center Best Practice Call Center Tips
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4 tips on how to upgrade your call center management and the 1 thing to avoid

In this blog, we show you 4 hacks to upgrade your call center management. We also tell you the one thing you should stop doing and avoid at all costs.

Call Center Best Practice
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CRM integration and a predictive dialer will boost your sales

Are you benefiting from CRM integration? For sales teams, contact centers, SMEs and larger enterprises, a CRM system is often found at the heart of business

Outbound Sales
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8 ways to improve call center quality assurance

Quality assurance is about preventing mistakes, continually improving standards and staying on top of legal requirements. In this post we discuss 8 ways you can improve your QA.

Call Center Compliance
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LeadDesk integrates with Pipedrive to become the “ultimate sales machine”

Lauri Pukkinen, co-founder etc. at LeadDesk, walks us through their sales process and how Pipedrives plays a pivotal role in that.

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