Agent Experience – How can CCaaS systems improve agents’ well-being and performance?

Learn how agent experience can be enhanced by a fast and high-performing CCaaS solution.

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An excellent agent experience is essential to a well-functioning contact center environment. It not only leads to better performance but also improves agents’ motivation and provides a clear understanding of tasks and KPIs. A high-quality CCaaS solution helps contact centers achieve a great experience for their agents – happier agents lead to higher performance and less churn.

What are the building blocks of a good agent experience?

Agent experience is made up of the smoothness of an agent’s workflow and how it affects the agent’s performance. If a contact center wants to offer a high-quality agent experience, it must have an easily configurable workspace. The workspace should give the agent an opportunity to manage customer interactions quickly and effortlessly.

A good agent experience brings efficiency to the customer service center’s operations. It keeps the customers happy and coming back.

A high employee churn rate is a common problem for many contact centers. A good agent experience leads to agents that are more satisfied with their work and do their jobs with gusto. A pleasant user experience allows agents to focus on the essential parts of their work and not deal with menial matters and frustrations.

While user experience and accessibility are important, data is also crucial to achieving a good agent experience. A data-driven solution helps agents stay on top of their performance. Team leads can monitor KPIs and coach their agents. This improves motivation and builds a clearer mutual understanding of any situation.

CCaaS and agent experience

The CCaaS system must be as fast and easy as possible for agents to use. The work of an agent is often hectic. The last thing that agents want is a CCaaS system that slows them down.

Managers must also be able to modify the system easily to fit the organisation’s customer service processes. This contributes significantly to a good agent experience, as it rids them of needless technical hassle.

Agent experience in the LeadDesk CCaaS system

The user interface of the LeadDesk CCaaS system is fast and well-functioning, ensuring that agents don’t waste time in waiting for the system to respond. As the agents have the whole customer conversation history in the same view, they will get quickly on track with the specific customer’s needs. Any agent can pick up a customer case from another agent and be immediately up to date on the current situation.

The system also has coaching and gamification tools, which boost the agents’ work. The real-time coaching tool Spotlight ensures team leads get to see the real-time performance of agents and coach them accordingly. Its customisable dashboard helps build the most important KPIs for each team.

The gamification tool Superstars helps motivate the agents to do better with a spice of competition. It also helps them follow the key metrics and target progress. This all makes working simpler and more straightforward. Agents will easily be able to keep track of where they are standing in terms of tasks and performance.

The LeadDesk CCaaS system also features several integrations to other systems. This includes CRM and ERP system integrations, automatic data integration, event-based trigger integration, and APIs. The integrations make operations in a customer service center far more efficient and streamlined and save agents’ time with smoothly flowing processes.

How other companies are using LeadDesk

The German charity Kinderhilfe Eckental needed a modern CCaaS system that would support their agents while remote working and have a local 24/7 support to help them out. They achieved this and much more by switching to LeadDesk. Now they have a fast and functioning system with excellent performance evaluation and local support.

The employee benefits provider Edenred switched to LeadDesk and quickly improved their agent experience with the help of the CCaaS solution’s remote work capabilities, coaching tools, customisation, and easy user interface. Edenred’s agents have been very satisfied with LeadDesk.