Kinderhilfe Eckental gets a fast and remote-friendly contact center solution.

Kinderhilfe Eckental easily moved their years of customer data from an outdated system to the modern LeadDesk. They now enjoy a up-to-date contact center solution with advanced analytics, greater uptime, and expert local support.

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Kinderhilfe Eckental are committed to helping sick and injured children by providing comfort in times of stress and trauma. They do social sponsoring and operate a call center where they try to attract sponsors for their comforter teddies and clown appearances in children’s clinics and hospitals.

Every month, around 3000 sick or injured children benefit from the comfort teddies they provide. When asked, an Emergency Room doctor described the teddy as a comforter free of side-effects, which helps calm children in the face of trauma and uncertainty in a hospital.

Need: A Call Center Which Supports Their Work and Wastes Less Time

Kinderhilfe Eckental relies on sponsorship, and has a call center of 12 people who reach out to potential sponsors so that they can get donations to distribute their comforter teddies and hold clown events.

Before LeadDesk, Kinderhilfe Eckental were using another provider for their call center.

However, this previous provider did not have servers in Germany and the system often went down, wasting time. The technical service was poor, and the software was not renewed or invested in over the years.

Kinderhilfe Eckental decided they needed to make a change to a more modern, reliable call center software. Some of their needs included:

  • Support for Remote Working: Call Agents often work from their home office so their software should be able to easily support this.
  • Seamless Data Transfer/Migration: Kinderhilfe Eckental have a large amount of existing data and historical records of their customers from over the years. This data needed to be easily transferred, and assigned to the same call agent.
  • Local Support and Always-on: After previous experiences, they needed a solution where they could rely on support to help them out, and have a system that was up, so they could do their work.
  • Better Analytics: They wanted to be able to evaluate their call agents more easily and centrally, as they have a distributed team.


Solution: A Modern and Fast Contact Center Software with Excellent Local Support

Kinderhilfe Eckental decided to move to LeadDesk, and they are delighted with that decision.

One of the biggest hurdles was the data transfer to a new provider. With LeadDesk, they were able to transfer the years of customer data that they needed and assign it to the relevant agent flawlessly.

LeadDesk also proved to be a much faster system and the ability to review employee performance is seen as a great step forward:

“The best thing for us about LeadDesk is the speed of the system, the evaluation of the staff, and the constant support if you have issues.”

Another big plus for Kinderhilfe Eckental was the level of customer support they now have access to with LeadDesk’s local German-language support team.

“We are very satisfied with LeadDesk and feel that we are in good hands with the support we get!”

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