Media Telemarketing boosts outbound sales with LeadDesk’s customizable solutions

Media Telemarketing is a Norwegian telemarketing agency that focuses on outbound sales. The company was established in 2011 and since then they have successfully collaborated with some of Norway’s best-known brands. A well-functioning contact center software is crucial in Media Telemarketing’s line of business: the software is used throughout the outbound sales process. Good reporting capabilities also play an important role. With LeadDesk Media Telemarketing can easily track KPIs, monitor performance, and improve efficiency.

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Contact center software that adjusts to needs

After experiencing issues with their previous provider, such as stability problems, poor automation, and slow SMS messages, Media Telemarketing decided to switch to using LeadDesk in 2014.

The main reason why they chose LeadDesk was flexibility – the software can be adjusted to meet the company’s exact needs. This was a huge advantage compared to many other solutions on the market.

Media Telemarketing enjoys the autonomy they have over their solution. Many tweaks can be made easily without the help of software developers or time spent on coding.

Other providers were more expensive, yet they didn’t offer value for the money. They didn’t have the options we were looking for. LeadDesk is flexible, easy to integrate, and it allows us to make quick adjustments without help from developers.

Jakob Sandelin, Controller

Efficiency with customized call center reporting

Efficient and customizable contact center reporting was one of the key features Media Telemarketing was looking for in their new contact center software. With LeadDesk this requirement was met.

The company now uses reports that are customized for their specific needs, one of the most important ones being the custom-made report for sales registration. The report has made the registration process with their partners smoother. In addition to tailor-made reports provided by LeadDesk, Media Telemarketing has benefited from having the possibility to further customize all reports to suit their needs.

We send performance reports to our clients once a week and make sales registration every day. LeadDesk has made this process much more efficient.

Jakob Sandelin, Controller

Support available when needed 

Good customer service is important for Media Telemarketing. With LeadDesk their customer service needs are taken care of fast and efficiently. LeadDesk also provides Media Telemarketing with their own Customer Success Manager who makes sure they always get the best possible service.

We get the help we want and LeadDesk’s support team is familiar with our projects.

Jakob Sandelin, Controller

Media Telemarketing’s long-term plan is to keep using LeadDesk and adopt even more features to fully utilize the solution’s potential with, for example, inbound calls.

LeadDesk is vital for our growth.

Jakob Sandelin, Controller

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