Flexible integrations and scalability enable fast expansion

Telemarketing company Salezure wanted to perfect their flow marketing method by organizing all their sales and marketing channels under one system. Integrating their existing software with LeadDesk has enabled Salezure to scale their operation smoothly. The ambitious company is looking to expand to 14 new countries in the near future.

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Salezure is a Finnish sales, customer service and telemarketing company founded in 2018. In less than two years, Salezure has expanded from Helsinki to Sweden, Estonia and Denmark. The company offers flow marketing, where traditional and innovative marketing and sales solutions work together in seamless symbiosis.

All channels must communicate

66% of customers contact customer service using at least three channels. This puts pressure on contact centers to handle as many channels as possible.

The same trend is prevalent in sales, too. The emergence of flexible payment methods and technology has broadened the scope of channels customers use to purchase items or subscribe to a service.

Salezure’s flow marketing strategy includes various sales and marketing areas and channels that all have their own characteristics:

  • lead generation
  • direct marketing
  • digital marketing
  • social media marketing
  • telemarketing
  • field sales.

The company’s operation is international, which calls for systematic management and organization to keep the operations aligned.

Salezure’s wide offering and fast expansion resulted in the company using many different systems that weren’t completely compatible. To connect the dots, Salezure turned to LeadDesk.

Integrations and localization allow flexibility

LeadDesk’s APIs and partly open source code enable the integration of CRMs and other systems. All of Salezure’s leads and sales data is now managed through one system instead of having separate, time-consuming procedures for each software.

LeadDesk’s customers already run over a 100 integrations with LeadDesk. If an integration isn’t already available, ready-made APIs allow an easy integration with seamless data flows.

Using LeadDesk to coordinate all the necessary channels from inbound to outbound and from social media to more traditional marketing channels saves Salezure time, resources, and perhaps most importantly, their agents’ nerves.

At Salezure’s office in Sweden, 80% of the staff is over fifty years old. Using LeadDesk in their mother tongue makes the training of new agents a lot more efficient and helps the company grow faster.

“When LeadDesk’s positive drive and features bring a smile to our agents’ faces, I know they will deliver the best results. If you don’t enjoy your work, you can’t be the best,” reckons Nico Bacigalupe, Advisor at Salezure.

Scalability and experience support growth

Scalability also plays a major role in Salezure’s good experience of LeadDesk. LeadDesk is cloud-based, which makes it easy to start new offices anywhere around the world.

LeadDesk has vast experience in expanding operations and setting up new offices, and Salezure has been impressed with the support they have received whenever they have faced an obstacle or had a question to ask.

“Often when I contact LeadDesk with a problem, they have already solved the same problem before with another client. Their engagement has been great, all the way from customer support to their sales team,” says Bacigalupe.

Ambitious plans for North Europe

In the next 3,5 years, Salezure aims to take their flow marketing method to 17 countries and become one of the leading players of telemarketing in Northern Europe.

The goal is to develop the flow marketing system to a point where they can efficiently offer high-quality service to all customers, no matter the channel the customer decides to use.

LeadDesk fully supports Salezure’s expansion plans. With the same great collaboration and team spirit, fueled by Salezure’s insatiable drive to close and LeadDesk’s features and scalability, there’s no reason to believe that Salezure wouldn’t spread their operation further.

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