Rehabilitation and gym-equipment specialist relies on LeadDesk with their call center operations.

A well-known rehabilitation and gym equipment supplier relies on LeadDesk with their call center operations. Read why ERGOFIT chose LeadDesk and how they increased their call center efficiency in just a couple of weeks.

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ERGOFIT is a full-range supplier for the fitness and therapy sector. They offer equipment for cardio and strength training, exercise systems, and individualized concepts for customized health training and cardiac rehabilitation.

All ERGOFIT products are characterized by the highest reliability, comfortable operation, first-class quality, and precise measurement. They also meet the requirements for certified medical products, which makes them interesting for many customers in physical therapy and medical-gymnastics and hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

LeadDesk helped ERGOFIT take control over their Call Center operations

Before LeadDesk, ERGOFIT used to work with an external call center. However, as they wanted to grow, ERGOFIT took their telemarketing operations in-house.

At that point, they needed to find a call center solution that allowed their agents to work from different cities around Germany. Furthermore, they wanted to get tools to help manage and control their agent’s work efficiently.

“LeadDesk helps us to control and manage our telemarketing activities.” – ERGOFIT

After researching alternatives, ERGOFIT chose LeadDesk and has been a happy customer ever since.

Improved efficiency and filling sales reps’ calendars

“We needed to raise the number of calls.” – ERGOFIT

After starting with LeadDesk, ERGOFIT noticed a significant increase in call efficiency. LeadDesk’s easy-to-use and efficient software helped to remove the manual work in between calls and simply let the agents focus on the next call.

Call volumes rose as wished and agents were spending more time talking to potential customers. This, in turn, has had a direct correlation with the number of meetings they can schedule for the sales reps and the opportunities they create.

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