Norwegian energy supplier Fjordkraft needed a high productivity solution to match their business’ needs. See why they chose LeadDesk.

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“Since we started using LeadDesk our air rate is up significantly and average handing time is down.”

– Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft

What was the problem that LeadDesk solved for Fjordkraft?

The energy sector faces the common problem of customer churn. Outbound telemarketing has huge potential to increase sales to new customers and to re-subscribe lost customers.

Fjordkraft started many years ago with Excel lists, manual list splitting and manual dialing. The company then used dialer software but needed a higher productivity solution that would fit in better with the business.

What other factors were important in the RFP/sourcing process?

The telemarketing team looked at different providers. Their selection criteria were based broadly around four areas: fit, fast, features and future.

Fjordkraft wanted their software to be: a good fit for the company culture; fast and intuitive for agents; include advanced list management, campaign management and monitoring capabilities; and have flexibility for scaling the team and future systems integrations.

“We have a strong culture and low staff turnover compared to the wider call center industry. We have a great working environment with a mix of experience levels and personalities. Our tools have to work for our whole team and support our culture.”

Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft

What changes have occurred since Fjordkraft adopted LeadDesk?

Fjordkraft started out with four part time staff working evenings on outbound. The telemarketing team is now the largest department in Fjordkraft, working in specialist B2B and B2C teams, on multiple simultaneous campaigns.

“Since we started using LeadDesk our hit rate is up significantly and average handling time is down. Our dropped call rate has always been good and under the regulatory limit. With LeadDesk our drop rate has dropped even further.”

Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft


Fjordkraft’s unique approach includes custom reports that support regular market temperature readings and help the team focus on win backs. LeadDesk is easy for agents and it’s easy for managers. The company has an integrated approach and LeadDesk’s reporting tools make it straightforward for different business functions to get insight from telemarketing data.

“It definitely makes life easier for me and my coworkers. Creating reports is now much faster with LeadDesk.”

Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft

How did LeadDesk meet Fjordkraft’s unique needs?
LeadDesk gives Erik and his team granular call information. The insight from call data and custom call ending reasons is used in marketing planning and in a feedback loop with salespeople. Fjordkraft is also good at continuously training salespeople. Supervisors listen with LeadDesk remote listener and use call recordings for internal training.

“We always want to improve the customer experience. Of course, we expect the same from our partners. LeadDesk people are very helpful, they are always supportive and help solve our issues.”

Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft

What can contact center decision-makers learn from the Fjordkraft case?

A key part of Fjordkraft’s success is a focus on list management. Better list management is better for everyone: for the business, the industry and society.

With a large number of suppliers for lists, LeadDesk’s monitoring, reporting and list management tools help make Fjordkraft’s call lists more targeted and effective. LeadDesk’s replica server enables sophisticated list management routines based on historical data.

A high percentage of Norwegian consumers are on blacklists and the telemarketing industry in Norway is under scrutiny from the regulator. LeadDesk’s blacklist feature is an important tool that helps Fjordkraft avoid nuisance calls.

The key take-away from this case is that Fjordkraft takes maximum advantage of LeadDesk’s easy interface for agents, combined with powerful tools on the admin side for decision-makers.

“LeadDesk is straightforward for our salespeople and fits right in with the way we work.”

Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft